Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Madeline and the Bad Hat by Ludwig Bemelmans


I completely forgot that I actually read this book weeks ago and haven't bother to write a review which I apologize because now looking back I have no recollection about my true feelings when it comes to this book. I adore Madeline and I will definitely continue reading the series and I hope there will be interesting storylines along the way. The illustrations are marvelous and I love the references Ludwig Bemelmans make with illustrating famous buildings and locations of Paris. 

Everything is going wonderful for Madeline and the rest of the girls until they meet their new neighbor who is the Spanish Ambassador of Spain and his son named Pepito. The girls are excited for their new companion until they see he likes to terrorize every one in his sights. The adults do not see the havoc he causes especially when it comes to animal cruelty and his awful pranks but karma comes back to bite him in the butt. 

Peptic tries to pull a prank involving dogs and a cat but it backfires and he gets injured and full of scratches everywhere. He is luckily saved and head to the hospital to be fixed up by the local doctors. Madeline and the girls head to the hospital to see Pepito and Madeline is of course the chosen one and gets to speak to Pepito. You may think that Madeline is humble and is worried about Pepito but clearly you have never met a child who holds a grudge to someone who performs awful violence and cruelty to others. Madeline essentially gives him a dose of his medicine and he learns she has no sympathy for him. He feels bad about the whole experience and decides to change his ways and becomes the good boy that everyone loves.

I just realized now that my review portrays Pepito like a demented child but I realize children sometimes do not know any better and cause harm to others. There is not much mention about his parents but I guarantee you between having his father in a high-level position, and his parents living the bourgeois lifestyle, they may not be paying attention to Pepito and providing the love and attention that a child needs on a daily bases. Plus I believe when someone feels genuine pain and suffering they are less likely to harm other living beings especially animals. 

Was this better than the original Madeline book? HELL TO THE NO but it wasn't awful either. This series honestly could have gone on for over 10 books and this would have been one that necessarily wasn't important but nonetheless introduced a vital character in the Madeline series. I still cannot wrap my head around that Madeline is not an orphan and Miss Clavel is not a nun!

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