Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Quest (Journey Trilogy, #2) by Aaron Becker



Sometimes when it comes to children books and series, the sequel is an utter disappointment because the first book may not necessarily need a sequel and the author simply wrote it for more money which is a disappointment and lack of imagination. For Aaron Becker this was not the case and this book is perfect as a sequel. By the time I reached the last page my imagination was all over the place wondering what happens next?

The sequel begins right away with the girl and boy exploring this fantasy world with their chalk. They are waiting for someone and when the magical door opens it is a King who has an orange chalk and a mysterious map. The guards take him away and he leaves behind his orange chalk. The readers discover that in separate locations around this fantasy world leaves a colored chalk and the kids need to retrieve it for the King and to save him.

That sounds easier said than done because somehow along their journey these same guards want to arrest the kids before they collect all the colors. I will leave the story here for now because the ending is beautiful and perfect! I did not see it coming and I have no clue where this series is heading come book #3.

The illustrations are beautiful and I cannot get enough of them. They feel so real and this book series could potentially be an animated film because at times as I'm reading my brain makes the illustrations come to life and instead of reading it feels like I am watching a cartoon. I applaud Aaron Becker for his hard work and attention to detail which is extremely important! I need book 3 in my hands and I want read it NOW! :D

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