Saturday, August 13, 2016

Doctor De Soto by William Steig


I do not remember if I ever read this book until now or if a teacher read it to the class or even if I saw the animated short film but this classic book sounds awfully familiar. It was cute, sweet, and funny which I believe will be a hit for kids but it wasn't 5 stars material for me.

We meet Doctor De Soto who is a mouse dentist who takes care of all type of animals who are harmless to mouse. He is a successful dentist and has many useful mechanism to help fix his clients teeth regardless of their size. One day they hear a fox roaming outside of the office who is crying in pain because his tooth hurts. He wants Doctor De Soto to cure him of his pain and at first the doctor is reluctant but finally gives in and cures him by removing the fox's rotten tooth.

During the surgery process, Doctor De Soto and his wife overhear the fox talking about eating them when he was dreaming and they realize that the fox may have other motives once his pain is taking care of and they decide that they must outsmart the fox before he eats them as snacks. So they tell the Fox to come get his replacement tooth for the next day and during that time Doctor De Soto is clueless about what needs to be accomplished until talking to his wife does the idea come and save the day.

I do not want to give the ending away because this was an entertaining book but by the time I reached the last few pages it became clear how Doctor De Soto found the solution to his problem and while it sounded familiar it was brilliant nonetheless. I wish I could have given it 5 stars but this book didn't blow my mind like other children books and I believe it is because of an age issue. I believe if I were younger I would absolutely love this book to pieces. 

I highly recommend this book for both children and parents to read and this author is famous especially since he wrote the book Shrek. Until next time...

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