Saturday, August 13, 2016

One Morning in Maine by Robert McCloskey


Disappointing and Terrible book.

Do you remember Blueberries for Sal? Guess what this is technically the sequel and we get to see her older with a baby sister! I didn't not know this going into the story and still it was an awful book. I definitely wouldn't recommend this book to anyone unless you worship Blueberries for Sal and need all the Sal you can get!

The author incorporates the same formula of Blueberries for Sal in this book with the exception that he changed the parent. Sal is going to catch some clam with her father to make clam chowder later on which is similar to when she went with her mother to get blueberries to make jam. Sal is older (I would say 10 years old) and when she wakes up in the morning she discovers she has a loose tooth.

She's apprehensive about it at first but later discovers that means she is becoming a big girl and with every tooth that comes loose means a wish granted by the tooth fairy. She is excited about all this and then it goes to hell when her tooth comes loose and falls into the mud where she is digging clams. She starts panicking and her father tries to help her but to no avail did they find the tooth.

Sal kept searching it for and being a good parent the father should have helped out too but he was getting irritated by it all and decided to pack out their stuff and head to town. She encounters different people who she shows her missing tooth and they try to cheer her up and that's pretty much it. The end.

I was disappointed because knowing the plot of children's books I thought maybe when she got home and her mother opens a clam then they would discover her missing tooth and we live happily ever after but then essentially had no plot and we waste our time of reading an annoying girl going nuts over her missing tooth.

The writing for this picture book was awfully long too and I believe the author did not have much to work with just the illustrations and when that becomes tedious to read long paragraphs then it ruins the flow of the story and the attention span of the reader. I had checked out more books on the author and yet because of this book I have no desire at the current moment to read any of his works.

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