Friday, August 12, 2016

Star Wars: Jedi Academy, Return of the Padawan (#2) by Jeffrey Brown


This is officially my last book of 2014!! I cannot believe how quick this year has flown by especially with all the everyday drama in my life and the amount of reading I have done for 2014. 

Believe it or not, I read way less compare to 2013, partly because I felt so worn out with the amount of reading, high school drama, college transition, and my home life and was disappointed in the beginning of 2014 which paused my enjoyable reading. Overall I have indulge myself as the year of Graphic Novels, doing booktubeathon, and self exploring. 

Being as my last review of 2014, I want to say that I am grateful for the wonderful books that have come into my life this year like Eleanor & Park, and countless others which I hope will happen again in 2015. I love books that makes me think about my life, to feel emotions, and become a better person. 

As for 2015, my goal is going to be 150 books to read, 40/50 of which has to be actual novels. I want to read more novels and learn how to get out of my lazy reading habits. I hope everyone has a beautiful 2015, and may you all prosper in your reading as I love each and everyone's review! Now back to this book...

I discover this for $1.99 on the kindle and I immediately bought it cause I need to read this book. Ever since I've discover Jeffrey Brown, I love his version of Star Wars and how original and hilarious this graphic novel series has become for me. It introduces us the same character again, Roan in summer vacation getting ready for Sophomore Year of Jedi Training. He's extremely excited because he gets to see his friends again and he learns how to finally fly which fulfills his lifelong dreams of being a Pilot.

Everything seems great and wonderful until school starts. Among the issues between family situations, friendship, and other topics come to light, it tests Roan and could potentially ruin his friendship and just maybe turn himself to the Dark Side.

I thought this book was going to be hilarious which it was at particular moments but overall it was sad, heart breaking, and surprise that it deals with topics for Middle Schoolers that aren't typically explored until High school.

I still enjoy the book, Roan, and Yoda with his wonderful advice and idioms. I am curious what's going to happen with the 3rd book and I'm curious whether it going to deal with the horrific end of the Jedi Order and with the Empire being established. 

The illustrations are amazing as usual and I cannot wait for more Jeffrey Brown material. This man I honestly believe will help establish a new age of fanaticism for younger kids when it comes to Star Wars. Plus I have to admit by reading his books, Star Wars 7 approaching in 2015, it brings up this whole craving for Star Wars! Once again thank Jeffrey Brown for doing a wonderful installment of Jedi Academy and wish you the best for Jedi Academy #3!

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