Saturday, September 7, 2013

March (Book One) by John Robert Lewis

This is a great adaptation and an early introduction to the Civil Rights Movements. This is part one on the life story of John Lewis that covers from his childhood to being on the frontier in Nashville's Restaurant sit-in.

This graphic novel is essentially a timeline on how much change has been brought to light since the 1950s to now. The book introduces to Jerry Lewis getting ready to attend his office because his family is waiting for him as they attend to the Inauguration of Barack Obama.

Since I've been an avid follower in the civil rights movement and reading Dr. Martin Luther Kings Jr. Letter from Birmingham Jail, it is refreshing capturing early introductions to important people that are crucial to the movement and even though it is the first book of a series, I hope they get more detailed on certain organizations and movements.

The illustration is phenomenal and while reading this on my kindle, I literally felt that certain images would pop out from the screen like a telephone ringing or Dr. King giving his sermon. I cannot wait for the rest of series to be published.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My World. My Paradise.

This next song holds a personal place in my mind, my soul, and my collection of music. On March 29th, 2013 I was lucky enough to attend this band's concert and it was a spectacular moment for me and I got to share it with my sister. They are a very prestigious groups, gathering a couple of Grammys, #1 Singles, and having an hot, gorgeous, beautiful lead singer. I was so absorbed into their music and it really capture my night.

The glorious part about the concert was that never in my life would I expected them to sing the one true song I always hoped they would sing. The song was not a single at the time and at that concert they announced that it will be their next new single. I was in total shock and made my night unforgettable. That band is MAROON 5 with Adam Levine! To cherish that night please enjoy this song by my favorite band.

"Love Somebody" by Maroon 5

I was hooked on this song, the moment I encounter the lyrics, the music, and Adam's voice. He has a beautiful voice and really interesting how he mixes his head voice and falsetto. I always find it interesting how he blends the voice together to make it seem its one form of voice instead of giving the impression that he is singing falsetto more often than not. I love the music video with the effects and the paint. I'm obsessed with this song that it is #2 of my iTunes Top 25 Most Played Songs.

Songs to Daydream...

I completely forgot about yesterday's entry and I do apologize, when it was time to write my entry, I was so tired and I knocked out, the next minute I know its 12:43 am, WEDNESDAY! For yesterday's topic, it asked a song that makes you go to sleep? I've listened to Ave Maria by Beyoncé on repeat and woke up the next morning with that song in my ear. But a song that can really put me in a calm and sleepy mood could be...

"Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel

These two created the most beautiful harmonies and one of the greatest songs that shaped their generation. I love how they always break up and then get back together immediately, most likely their concept of breaking up is like oh I am going on vacation for 5 months, lets break up instead of being in hiatus. This song can really relax people and I believe if you need a song to put you in a sleepy mood, just listen to this alone.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Let's Dance, Let's Shout, Shake You Body Now To The Ground!

Time and time again we always need to find at least that one song that regardless that you are exhausted, frustrated, or lonely, that you gather the energy to dance to and enjoy yourself. I have a lot of songs in regards to that but I've learn that sometimes depending my emotion and the time particular songs bring an interesting side of my personality.

For this next song I absolutely love the song, the lyrics, but I love the dancing. It always gets me a thrill, a high that nothing can compare when it comes to music. This next song is a song in which everyone must listen to at least once in their life. I would play this song day in and out during school and I would become this new persona and not caring what others think about me. I feel like this song can be played anywhere at Weddings, Dances, Clubs, and any type of party.

"End of Time" by Beyoncé

I know this choreography of this song perfectly in the back of my head and I truly treasure this song. When this song comes on I block everything in my environment and simply emerge myself with the music. Beyoncé is truly one of the greatest phenomenal to embark in this world and I praise her album "4" because of this song. 

I really want her to release her new material already and release the song that she wrote about her miscarriage. I love this performance and she was the first woman I believe in 10 years to perform at Glastonbury Music Festival and I love this song performed at this live event. Every other performance is not the same after watching this one.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Love is the Cure: On life, loss, and the end of AIDS by Elton John

It has been over a year that I have wanted to read the book and I am excited that I finally finished it! Elton John's book introduces us to the story of one of the most important people that he ever encounter, Ryan White. I heard about this kid and knew his life story but not in details and this is a kid who truly help remove the stigma on HIV/AIDS and promoted change, love, and hope for the future. Elton John had an extreme case of alcoholism, sex addiction, bulimic, and was addicted to Cocaine. Because of the death of Ryan White, it was a wake up call for him and lucky went to rehab and has been sober ever since. 

It is remarkable to hear about this from him because I honestly did not know how bad his addiction was and I am surprise that he is still able to sing after all these years. This book encounters memories of Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Diana, and countless others who inspired Elton's life and helped manifest his foundation, Elton John's AIDS Foundation aka EJAF.

I have to warn you, I fell into this trap that this book was going to purely on memoirs and its NOT! For about 90 pages, he talks about his friends and loved ones but for most of the book he talks about the history of HIV/AIDS, the destructive past that surrounded this plague, and talks about current events, and things that have become a milestone thanks to his foundation. Elton John uses references to articles in magazines and newspapers to inform where he is getting his information.

I believe this book is crucial and insightful and open my eyes to the chaos that is surrounding this planet and how we as individuals need to step up and start curing the world of diseases with love and dignity. He and countless others are truly passionate towards ending the world of AIDS through the help of government, pharmaceutical companies, foundations and charities and religious institutions. We need to remove the stigma when it comes to HIV/AIDS and fight for a better today, tomorrow, and future generations.

We Didn't Stop The Fire

This question is rather vague because it does not cater me to answer correctly. The question is name a song in which you know all the lyrics to? That's every song that I like and love so that wouldn't help me in no shape or form. But then a thought came to me, not many people know the lyrics to some major hits of famous musicians.

There is a song by Billy Joel called "We Didn't Start The Fire" and it is a tribute to his love of history and how if it wasn't for his music career, he would have been an history teacher. He chronicles the history of our lives and pop culture and surprisingly not many people either know the lyrics or just sing the chorus. I hope if anyone of you know the lyrics to please come forth and proclaim your awesomeness with me! 

"We Didn't Start The Fire" by Billy Joel