Sunday, August 14, 2016

Corduroy by Don Freeman


I remember seeing the cover of this book and I thought I had read it and seen the movie but I mistaken it for The Tangerine Bear which is practically the same story of a toy bear who was abandoned because no one wanted to buy it. I've been cleaning up my Goodreads read pile because I have a ton of books that either I read it and don't remember it or I only read 50% of it and DNF the rest because it was school requirement.

Reading now the story of Corduroy I realized that I have never read it and this book I am afraid is meant for Christmas. I enjoyed the story and figured this would be 5 star material for me but I would have been captured into the story if it were read in the Holidays. Can I just mention that the ending felt less Toy Story and more Chucky?

We meet a bear named Corduroy who has a missing button and no one wants to buy him. Then one day he meets this girl and she desperately wants him but her mother refuses to buy the bear because they don't have anymore money for toys and besides it has a missing button. When the bear overhears this statement, Corduroy decides that he is going to fix his button so that way he can find a new home to appreciate it.

Corduroy goes through a journey throughout the department store and in end fails to fix his problem but luckily the girl came the next day and finally bought the bear. When there's no humans around, the toys and Corduroy talk exactly like Toy Story and I thought that applied to the ending. But the girl fixes his button and when they hug she mentions how great it is to have a friend and the bear responds.

I do not know about you but if a toy stuffed bear started talking I would scream because that's not what's supposed to happen. Toys can't talk or could they? Growing up I always thought toys talked to each other thanks to Toy Story and I always tried to sneak up to my room and capture them in the act but always failed. That ending gave me the creepy Chucky vibe and I hope it's because I'm older and the general consensus for children.

The illustrations are great and I wished they had discontinued this series after the author had passed away because he only wrote two Corduroy books in total and when I saw that long list I got upset because you ruined the whole point of publishing a classic children's book. Hopefully the sequel is as good as the original!

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