Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Journey (Journey Trilogy, #1) by Aaron Becker


When I first read this book it was in 2014 and I was at my only independent bookstore walking around waiting for my parent to pick me up after watching a film at the movie theater thats in front of this bookstore. I saw this book on display in the children's section and I remember that I saw this book somewhere on Goodreads and discovered I had added it to my TBR pile and decided to read it since it is a children's picture book. 

I really enjoyed it the first time I read this magical story and once I rated it I moved on with my life. I didn't know how to write a review for books at the time and I fell into this predicament where I rated books in the past and yet I do not remember a single thing about the characters, plot, or why I rated it 5 stars. Recently this book came into my subconscious again as I saw someone writing a review for this beautiful book and discovered that its now a series. I checked my local library and saw that they had the first two books available so I decided to check them out.

This children's picture-book does not have any words and lets the animation tell the story. I always find that type of experiment to be difficult because how can you properly tell the story without two pages of illustrations at a time? Well, Aaron Becker is a genius because I understood everything that I read and the images tell a spectacular story. The attention to detail and artwork is beautiful and I was blown away by it for this book.

We meet a girl who wants to have fun and play with her parents or sibling. They are all busy and complicated at the moment so she retreats to her room. She watches her cat get up and leave the floor and next to her where the cat was laying is red chalk. The girl grabs it and immediately draws a door which opens to this magical world.

The girl is entranced by this magnificent forest and decides to explore where the path leads and uses her chalk to draw a boat, a hot air balloon, and witness different cities and aircrafts never seen before on Earth. She gets absorbed into this world and along the way she sees a mystical bird trapped in a cage. The bird is being watched by security guards and luckily the girl is able to retrieve the bird and set it free. 

The bird guides the girl as they escape from these guards and soon they find themselves in the forest again except there is a purple door. The bird tells the girl to open it and we enter back to our world except the girl makes a new friend who has a purple chalk and created the bird. The story ends there but the adventure is only the beginning.

I cannot brag enough about this book and my book review does not give it justice. I recommend of people of all ages to read it because its both entertaining and makes the reader wonder what lies behind a door and what type of world can these characters enter with that magical chalk. I believe this book is phenomenal and deserves all the hype, awards, and attention it deserves and I cannot wait to see the direction of where this series will go.

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