Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Pocket For Corduroy by Don Freeman


I wish this book was never written. 

The entire time as I was reading this book I kept having this thought that Corduroy is going to turn into Chucky and kill the little girl. This bear creeps me out and this is meant for children. I believe the author could have written Corduroy as a standalone and you wouldn't hear any complaints for a sequel.

We meet Corduroy again and he speaks like it is no big deal that a stuffed teddy bear can speak and communicate to humans. He tags along with his best friend and her mother to the laundromat to wash clothes. The girl puts Corduroy down on a seat and tells him not to move. Then he discovers that pants and jeans have pockets and he wants one. So he gets off the chair and explores other peoples clothes to find fabric to make a pocket.

The girl starts to panic trying to find Corduroy but no luck because the laundromat is going to close soon and her mother has a zero tolerance for this type of dilemma and they leave the store and Corduroy is left behind inside for the night. He gets to explore the laundromat and unfortunately cannot find fabric for a button and falls asleep. Come the next day the girl returns and finds him and they live happily ever after as she sews a pocket for Corduroy.

Can I mention again how creepy and weird it is that the girl accepts a talking teddy bear like it is no big deal? I know this book is a work of fiction but I cannot help myself think about the real world and if I met a talking teddy bear I would scream and panic. I love Toy Story, Ted, and countless other films that deals with personifying inanimate objects but I wish I will never see that happening in our real world. I was disappointed with this book and felt like it was written for the sole purpose of making money from the iconic first book. This is the last book in the series written by the author caused he passed away a few years later when he published this book and I've seen they have written countless books of Corduroy under other authors and I have no desire to read them. Until next time...

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