Saturday, August 13, 2016

Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige


This is by far one of the few books that I have encountered that within 100 pages, I honestly knew it this was going to be 5 Stars. Since I did not have cable when I was little, I would watch VHS movies (Am I officially old?) and I was obsessed with The Wizard of Oz, I would sing the songs, speak the lines, and always wanted to be Dorothy and leave this world and have an epic adventure in Oz. Also it doesn't hurt that I wanted to rip those Ruby Slippers off of Judy Garland's feet and make them my precious shoes! I could never understand why Dorothy ever wanted to return Kansas, I know it is because she misses her Auntie Em but honestly you can magically use your slippers and bring them to Oz, stupid little girl! I always wanted to know more adventures about Dorothy returning to Oz and when I saw that my local library had the book, I needed to read it before purchasing it and the sequel!

We are introduced to a teenager name Amy Gumm born and raised in Kansas who unfortunately lives a troubled life since her father left her for another woman and her mother became a pill popping addict. She's had a horrible upbringing wishing that things could get better or waiting for life to present itself a grand opportunity for her to leave her mother and to finally have freedom. 

Luckily her wish comes true but with major consequences. A tornado comes to Dusty Acres and sweeps Amy and her pet rat, Star, and lands her in The Magical Land of Oz except Oz has become a total child's nightmare land. We learn that everything about Dorothy is true except that when she returned to Oz, she's completely changed and decides to rule Oz and become a tyrant and becomes addicted to magic. In order to gather up that magic she needs to destroy the land of Oz to possess that type of magic. So those wonderful munchkins are now slaves for Dorothy and Glinda, The Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow are all evil.

Glinda is powerless to Dorothy, The Scarecrow loves to experiments on people, Tin Man obeys Dorothys command, and the Cowardly Lion loves to suck fear out of people and then kill them. How lovely! Along the way Amy meets flying monkeys, munchkins, and even some of the powerful witches and warlocks who will guide her on an important mission to do the only task that Amy can accomplish... Killing Dorothy! 

I was amazed at the writing style and how quick I was absorbed into this fantasy world and I honestly felt like it was home even though it was a dystopian fantasy land. It brought back heart warming memories of my childhood and brought back childhood friends who I haven't seen or read about in years. There is so much action in this book that I could easily say that within every 100 pages, Amy was in a different location and one step closer towards killing Dorothy.

Since this is now a trilogy, I knew that the ending wouldn't be action packed if it was a single novel but it left me excited for the next sequel! Thank God I waited till now to read the book because if I read it when it first came out, I would be extremely pissed that I would have to wait essentially a whole year for the sequel to come out which by the way it is going to be released 3 days after my birthday so that is going to be a wonderful birthday gift! 

I cannot give much details because it would ruin the story and I had no clue what to expect when reading this book and I thought I was going to be disappointed from the constantly backlash and bad reviews, but surprisingly it was so good and so rewarding to read! I would stay up extremely late just to get closer to the ending because it was that amazing.

Its very interesting how Danielle Paige came up with this idea and how twisted this world is and I hope that I will never go to Oz from reading this dark book. I highly do not recommend this book if you are not into dark stuff because it is very dark, has profanity throughout, and this book is no happily ever after. I love the romance that Amy encounters in this book and the ending was a total shocker! I was not expecting that to happen and whatever you do DO NOT READ THE BACK DUST JACKET OF THE BOOK, IT WILL RUIN THE ENTIRE BOOK AND ENDING!!!!!

I skim read the back dust jacket and when I reach the ending of the book and closed it, I realize that if I had read it clearly before reading the book, the pace would have been slow, and so anticlimactic since this is now a trilogy series! I have no clue what to expect for the sequel and I hope it could live up to this book

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