Friday, August 12, 2016

Star Wars: Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown



I absolutely love Jeffrey's Brown's Star Wars books which is refreshing with his illustrations and fabulous storytelling while incorporating Star Wars into big fans of the series or introducing it to a whole brand new generation of kids who do not know what Star Wars is about. So when I found out my library had this book, I was the first one who ordered it and I read this book without any hype or clue about it which I recommend many to do. Simply read it and trust Jeffrey Brown (I know I do!).

Jedi Academy is about this boy name Roan who dreams of following his family footsteps with being a pilot and attending pilot academy. Sadly he is rejected and at first it seems like the end of the world but then he gets a letter from Yoda being accepted to the Jedi Academy which is never heard for someone who is attending the Academy the first time as a middle schooler.

This is a coming of age story in which a boy who is introduce into a brand new world and learns how to adapt and succeed while at the same time make long lasting friendships with some amazing individuals. What I really liked about this book was that it was part graphic novel and part diary and it makes you feel more connected to the storyline and to Roan's story. Can I also mention that JEFFREY BROWN IS A GENIUS AND HIS ILLUSTRATIONS ARE PERFECT. There is not enough words that I can express in which to say that you need to drop everything with what you are doing and read Jeffrey Brown's books by yourself, or with your family, or with your son or daughter.

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