Friday, August 12, 2016

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Peña


I do not know if I have personal bias because it deals with grandmothers or the simple fact that I use public transportation as my source of travel. I found the story to be moving in terms of our humanity and how universal this book is when it comes to being taken care of our grandparents.

I am fortunate enough to have met 3 of my grandparents (one who is still alive praise the Lord!) and I remember vividly since I was a little kid I would go grocery shopping and explore the city with my grandmother. I could relate to this story in terms of the relationship CJ has with his grandmother. I never took the bus when I was little kid but ever since I attended high school I had to as a sacrifice for attending one of the best schools in my city.

In the bus you meet interesting people, I try not to socialize in the bus because I don't like talking to strangers and my time on the bus is dedicated to listening to music, reading a book, or watching Netflix. But being on the bus you see homeless people, people leaving their jobs, students, elderly people, and all sorts of people that make the bus its own uniqueness. If you are constantly taking the bus at the same time every day then you pick up the little details on the regular passengers.

I remember when taking the bus to go home from school, I remember certain individuals vividly in my mind and the day they weren't on the bus anymore I would wonder what happen to them, did they get a car? A new job location? Or quite possibly did they die? While I may have not interacted with other passengers my memory can still call upon those who shared a moment with me on the bus.

My story pretty much resonates with the story in which CJ does not understand why they have to take the bus every Sunday and whenever he argues his grandmother always sees the positive aspect then the negative. When CJ complains that in a car he can listen to music instead he gets to hear an actual musician play his guitar and pour CJ into the trance of live music. His grandmother is a regular on the bus and you are able to deduce that fact by the way she greets the other regulars as if they were close friends.

In the end we see that CJ's grandmother volunteers at a soup kitchen and by volunteering her efforts it shows she is a compassionate person and someone who doesn't look down on the poor. She is someone who wants to give back to the community and CJ follows her step. It is a beautiful book and I would highly recommend everyone to read it even though it deals with poverty.

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