Saturday, August 13, 2016

Marvel Knights: The Inhumans by Paul Jenkins


I love superheroes. Ever since I discovered Superman, Batman, X-Men, and Spider-Man as a child, I've always wonder how cool it was to have special abilities and fighting villains in order to protect the Earth. As a child I never knew the difference between DC and Marvel and at first hand I haven't seen the supposed feud between these two rivals but my interest around comics grew once Marvel made the Iron-Man film with the talented Robert Downey Jr.

For years I've wanted to invest my time and resources getting into the comic universe because not only does it help to understand these iconic characters but it provides more background information into the films. A great example is recently I went to go see Captain America Civil War. It was a phenomenal movie, I believe personally one of the best Marvel films of all time and yet throughout the film I was a bit confused and I believe while the comics differ from the film, I could have grasp a better understanding behind the actions of these superheroes.

If I could afford time and money I would pick both DC and Marvel. But since I only have time for one series and they are making countless films, I thought it would be better to start with Marvel. Sadly this thought came about a year ago and when I wanted to start I learned that it's a hot mess when it comes to both Marvel and DC universe. You cannot read any of the new comics because most of the plot is based from the previous series and this is a constant pattern which is frustrating and irritating. Luckily I did my research and decided to start on Marvel Knights which is a complete restart of the whole franchise in my opinion and the first comic I am supposed to read is Inhumans which is brilliant perfect for a comic newbie.

Going into this book I have to admit for everyone who wants to begin reading Marvel Comics please forget about everything you know about Marvel characters. This series is a standalone even though the Inhumans history is tied to Fantastic Four (they make little Easter eggs throughout letting you know that!). Ignore all previous knowledge because it is going to be confusing wondering where is the Avengers? Why is Black Widow working for the Russians? And constant other nonsense that will distract from reading this epic comic book.

Do you remember the icon legend of Atlantis? Yeah well in this world Atlantis was a real ancient city that was destroyed into the sea. It cater to extraordinary beings that aren't human and one of its other cities like Attilan survived that cater to preservation of these inhumans. For centuries, Attilan has lived in this dome bubble protecting them from the toxic air of Earth and preventing anyone from leaving or entering Attilan.

Humans are apprehensive about this island because they fear as always that these Inhumans are going to one day break free and destroy the human race. From this comic book I learned already that I hate half of the human race because every time we encounter something that is completely different or we do not understand we immediately attack it and instead of bringing peace we release chaos. 

Within Attilan we learn that every inhuman is unique both in appearance and abilities and they are governed by King Black Bolt. He essentially looks like Captain America and acts like him except Black Bolt cannot speak because his super powers can cause a sonic disruption that cannot the city and even the planet. So he takes a vow of silence and he protects the citizens of Attilan and he's perfect with no faults. The big consequence of his perfection lies in his family where he has a brother named Maximus who can easily manipulate minds and he's essentially a lunatic because he easily loses sense of what is reality. The good news is Maximus is in prison but the bad news is for how long? As I'm reading this comic I cannot help associate Black Bolt and Maximus with Thor and Loki except Maximus is not lovable at all just an evil ruler.

Everything is fine and dandy for Black Bolt and the city of Attilan until one day Maximus comes up with this plan to break free out of jail and the only way to do that is bring chaos to the city and wreak havoc. He cannot do that all by himself so he gets a few of his human friends to do most of the heavy lifting which is to attack Attilan. At first it seems pointless for humans to attack because Attilan's protective dome is impenetrable but as the hours proceed it become apparent that it's possible for humans to infiltrate.

Now Black Bolt has a cluster mess to deal with because he cannot attack the humans because then it will become a war with the human race and they will never stop fighting and he needs to protect his citizens who are his main concern and prevent them from attacking humans especially when some humans kill many soldiers protecting the city. Plus his brother escapes prison and tries to perform a rebellion to become King again. It's a chaotic situation which was fascinating to me because while you get plenty of action in this series for the most part it deals with politics and the consequences of war.

The series was utterly brilliant and for a second I forgot that this was a Marvel comic. I believe the fact that we are dealing with alien race made it simple for us to be distracted compare to Avengers where the heroes are fighting to save mankind. Black Bolt is an interesting character because in many ways he acts like a God (which is the reason why they chose him as King) but has human qualities that leaves room for error. Half way into the comic I realize his plan all along because I've seen similar plots but the journey from the first page till the end was exciting and entertaining.

What made my reading experience fantastic and entertaining is that I went into this comic blindly because the entire comic deals with the Inhumans and how they cope with this situation without the help of anyone but their own. I am sorry for constantly mentioning it but it's crucial with this series because I know no matter how many times I repeat myself there will always be someone who is reading the comic book and wondering about the Avengers and getting upset about it and either stop reading the comic or move on to sometime else. 

I do not know what the plot of this story has to do with the upcoming comics that I will be reading but I believe this will not be the last time that I hear about Black Bolt and the Inhumans. I am happy that I found this series and finding the right place to begin this Marvel universe. Next on my comic exploration is Deadpool!!!!!!

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