Saturday, August 13, 2016

Arthur's Nose: 25th Anniversary Limited Edition by Marc Brown


I never grew up with Arthur. I will repeat myself again, I NEVER grew up with Arthur. I admit that the show was impactful for the generation before me and my generation but I grew up in the age where kids stopped watching PBS and replaced it with cable for their daily dose of 90s cartoons. 

A great example is I praise Sesame Street for teaching children how to read, develop friendships, and other important fundamentals that parents sometimes fail to explain and Sesame Street teaches them effortlessly but sadly I disliked Sesame Street as a child. If you didn't watch Sesame Street by the time you reached 3 years old then you will never get hooked into the show and its concepts of learning.

I have seen Arthur a couple of times when I was elementary school but I never fully grasp the concept that the show is basically replacing humans to animals. I forgot how I embarked on Arthur again but I found out that they were books before they became a television show and I decided to read the first published book! This special edition provides major insight into Arthur and how the author's life experiences are reflected onto the page. 

One thing I have to admit is Arthur in this book looks nothing alike to his animated self and it was interesting to see how he changed over the upcoming decades which I am glad that he changed for the better. 

I desperately wanted to give this book an five star rating but the only issue I had was they wrapped up the story too quickly and I do not know if it's because of the time period in which this story was written or on the writers part. Arthur does not like his nose and wants to replace it. Automatically you know how the ending is going to be and while it is obvious it lacks timing in delivering the humorous lines. It's a nice read to discover how Arthur originally looked and how he has impacted three decades of children through the animated show.

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