Saturday, August 13, 2016

Madeline's Christmas by Ludwig Bemelmans


I cannot believe this is the final book of the Madeline series that is written by Ludwig Bemelmans. I believe it's perfect that to end this iconic series is to have the book deal with Christmas. For those who love Madeline, having this book will make it a tradition to read every year around the holidays to bring you comfort and enjoyment. While this book was still meh to me I can grasp my way around as to why it's popular.

It's Christmas time in Paris and the snow covers everything from the streets to the famous house where Madeline lives. Everyone is in bed except for you know who because everyone else is sick and Madeline is taking care of everyone. One night this man comes to the house and brings rugs to warm everyone's feet but without the rugs now he is sick and Madeline is taking care of him.

I am not familiar with Santa Claus in Europe, but I'm guessing this "magician" is Saint Nicolas in the story and he gives them a magic night to remember. Madeline visits her family in America for a brief moment which doesn't offer much dialogue about that encounter and as the moment passes quick, Madeline finds herself back with Miss Clavel and enjoy Christmas.

I didn't feel that gooey feeling when reading this Christmas classics and regardless whether I'm reading it now or should be during Christmas, this book would still be meh to me but I guarantee you that it's a classic around the world including France. The author stole some lines from the night before Christmas (You can't trick me for one second buddy!) and in the end I'm glad that I'm done with this series.

The other spinoffs of books with Madeline are written by the authors son and while that may seem cool to read and discover more Madeline stories, I am glad that it's other and let me enjoy the classic stories that changed a generation with these books.

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