Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 9: The Wrath of Freeza" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku has arrived on planet Namek and kicked butt in the beginning but now his body got switched by Captain Ginyu.

(II) Freeza has all the dragon balls but needs the incantation to summon the dragon and heads to the Elder's house.

(III) The gang realized that Ginyu is Goku and now they need to help their father and gather the dragon balls.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

In this volume, we immediately get sucked back into the fight with the gang vs. Goku (Ginyu). They realized that Goku is possessed by Ginyu and luckily since Ginyu cannot control Goku's body they are able to beat him up and Vegeta takes care on that end of the bargain. He figures this is his chance to kill Goku and Ginyu makes the connection that he can kill Vegeta by switching bodies. His plan almost worked except Goku was two steps ahead of him and got in the middle of the way making him switch back to his original body. 

To make sure that Ginyu could never switch again, Goku throws a frog in front of Ginyu as he attempts for the second time switching with Vegeta and because he is now a frog, he is no longer have the speech to speak his magical power. After that terrible beating thanks to Vegeta, Goku enters the chamber to get cured because the gang is going to need all the power they can gather in order to fight off Freeza. 

While Goku is resting, Kuririn and Gohan go on the mission to find the dragon balls and once they find them hidden in the ground, they try to summon the dragon but with no luck. Kuririn runs off to ask the elder and instead meets with Dende again who carries the message that the incantation has to be in namekian language. Once they get back to the dragon balls, Dende summons the dragon and it looks like a demon compare to Shenlong. 

Freeza detects that the Dragon is summoned and rushes off to make sure he gets his wish but he fails on that achievement. Gohan resurrects Piccolo because if he is alive then Kami-Sama/God is alive too and the dragon balls on Earth is resurrected too. Then Gohan's second wish is to transport Piccolo to the Planet Namek to help destroy Freeza and he was going to make the wish for Vegeta to be immortal but by the time they were going to make the wish, the Elder had passed away and destroyed the dragon balls. 

Now Freeza is pissed and wants revenge for them ruining his plans and starts a horrific battle that almost kills Kuririn and Gohan. Piccolo is trying to reach Gohan and encounters Nail who is feeble on the ground barely alive. He tells Piccolo that he is weak because is half of Kami-Sama making him use only half of his true strength. Piccolo has no time to fuse with Kami and he reluctant with Nail because he believes it will change his personality but in the end he needs all the strength and becomes one with Nail.

Piccolo arrives on time and now with the entire gang they try to delay Freeza in order for Goku to recover and kick Freeza's ass. Meanwhile all this lovely drama is happening we get a glimpse of the different layers of Freeza who originally looked like a wimpy alien boy. Then he becomes this 10 feet tall monstrosity and that is not even his true form and I am afraid to wonder what he looks like when he reaches full power, will the gang be able to delay Freeza or will he killed them one by one? Stay tuned until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

I hope by next volume Goku wakes up healed and is able to give a can of whoop ass to Freeza and end this storyline already. I enjoy writing these reviews but because it takes too many volumes for major events to occur it feels like a drag to write the same thing over and over and since Goku is practically like Superman it can be tedious. I believe part of the reason why I am reading countless volumes as if they are candy is because I am trying to wonder when does Goku become a Super Saiyan with his iconic yellow hair that we know and love? I do not remember exactly when it happens and if I am not mistaken I believe it is Vegeta who first gets that ability and then Goku. Hopefully that transformation can be performed soon.

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