Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 9: Test of the All-Seeing Crone" by Akira Toriyama


Since our last encounter with Goku, he single-handedly defeat the Red Ribbon Army and has captured six out of the 7 dragons balls to resurrect Upa's father Bora. Before heading to the headquarters he was able to detect all 7 dragon balls on his dragon radar but for some apparent reason he is unable to find the last one. Because he has no idea how to find it he sets off to Kame Island to meet with Master Roshi and the gang to help him on his mission but luckily for him the gang was already nearby the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters because they thought Goku needed their help before he gets killed and are speechless to learn how powerful he has become.

The whole gang are completely clueless as to how they will find the next dragon ball and Master Roshi offers the advice to visit the psychic Crone aka his sister. They arrive to her home and when they approach her to seek guidance she mentions that they have to pay millions of zens for payment or fight with 4 of her greatest fighters. Obviously since this Dragon Ball it is going to be the latter choice and the whole gang cooperates with fighting each monster leaving Goku to fight the last two fighters.

Though the course of the battles, we get to see glimpses of how powerful Goku has become and how pure and innocent he is when it comes to life and martial arts. Interesting enough the last fighter that battles Goku is a familiar face who is Goku's grandpa. He is still dead but the crone has the ability to travel to the spiritual world and the human world and brought his grandpa just for a day to fight Goku. He wanted to make sure that Goku is all right and to see how much he has grown as a person and a fighter. Since Master Roshi is his mentor, Son Gohan knows that Goku is in trusted hands. Since they won, the Crone tells them where the dragon ball is located.

The person who has it is none other than Pilaf who is still believes he can beat Goku and win all the 7 dragon balls for world domination. Now he is on the mission to reach Goku and steal all the dragon balls. Goku does not know it is Pilaf but now with his Kintoun he flies off to Pilaf's location. I enjoyed this volume and I love how I got introduced to characters who play a minor role in the Dragon Ball Z series but the nonetheless important in Goku's journey. I do not much care for bringing back Pilaf and i hope in the future they can end his character because it is a waste of a storyline for a pathetic villain.

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