Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #2) by Rick Riordan

Rating: ★ 1/2

Overall I found this book to be exciting and refreshing compared to the first book but I did not necessarily like the whole idea of this book and prefer the first book just a smudge more compare to the sequel. I've realize that sequels are a difficult task for the authors because every one gets absorbed into the first book and then cannot figure out what to do with the sequel or it becomes a background story leading into major conflicts in the third book which is the case with The Sea of Monsters.

This book moved quicker now that we know who is Percy Jackson (Thanks the Gods) and it captures us right back where the book left us off in Lightning Thief. It is the last day of school for Percy and everything seems to be going fine until a bunch of monsters attack Percy during a game of Dodgeball. When he is saved by his friend Tyson, and Annabeth (who arrived to New York unannounced) during that battle, he is immediately rushed back to Camp Half-Blood because the camp is close to be destroyed thanks to Luke & Kronos. When he arrives, he finds out that the tree that is the barrier for the camp has been poisoned, Chiron was fired, and Grover is in danger stuck in an island in the Sea of Monsters.

 At the camp, he believes his friend Tyson is a normal human but realizes that he is a Cyclops who is hated among the community as deceitful monsters. Not only that but he is a son of Poseidon a.k.a Percy's half-brother. Now that everything is an uproar, Percy and his friends must leave the camp in order to save it, save Grover by traveling to the Sea of Monsters and capturing the Golden Fleece.

I was shocked that I enjoyed this book because when I read the description of the plot, I found it to be rather boring and imagining that I was going to suffer through 300 pages of pure boredom and I am glad that I was entertained and that it is the shortest book in the series. I love that it did not take long for the action to begin and I was mesmerized by the storyline and the ending caught me by surprise! The only thing I did not like was how the beginning even though it was short, took so long for it be interesting and almost became this repetitive cycle in comparison to the first book.

I LOVE TYSON'S RELATIONSHIP WITH PERCY!!! I believe Rick Riordan is an absolute genius with addressing serious topics such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and other syndromes in a form of a children's book and showing that even though they may seem a disability for some people, people like Percy and others used it to their advantaged and didn't let it affect them. Like Tyson, even though he is a Cyclops, he reminded me of autistic child and I found that so inspiring to show how Percy loved him as a brother because of his bravery and kindness. I applaud Rick Riordan for incorporating that into this series and showing how love and friendship can help succeed us in life.

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