Friday, September 18, 2015

Sabine's Notebook (Griffin & Sabine Trilogy #2) by Nick Bantock

True Rating: ★ 1/2

What do I have to say when it comes to a book series, filled with postcards and letters, and yet we are right back to square one with this book? I really enjoyed it but I felt disconnected overall when it came to this particular book.

In the previous book, Sabine finally travels to London to finally meet Griffin but unfortunately he magically disappeared from the face of the world leaving his studio empty with only his postcards and letters from Sabine. We do not know if Sabine is an actual woman or just a figment of Griffin's imagination and rest assured the beginning of this book remedies that issue.

Sabine is currently in London and is going to stay there until July when she will fly back home. She receives a letter from Griffin apologizing for the whole event and still questions if she is still a fictional person. If she is fictional then why does she keep writing letters to him? Griffin tells her that right now he needs to begin a journey by crossing different countries and continents hoping he can figure out what is the issues that he is currently dealing and at the same time trying to gather courage to one day face Sabine in person.

Since his place is currently vacant, Sabine lives in his place and she gets a better insight to his life and personality. She is completely fine with this journey and believes it will do him some good. By the end of the book it leaves us once again confused about what is fate of Griffin and Sabine.

The postcards were stunning as always but I didn't believe this book reached up to par with the first book and I believe it is because this book has a sadder tone. In the beginning they were excited about meeting each other through letters and wanted their love to blossom. Now in this book, Griffin is fighting his demons and Sabine is hopelessly waiting for the day that he will comeback home.

I still want to continue this series but I am slowly losing my patience with Griffin and Sabine. The dialogue that they wrote to each other wasn't as amusing as before and after a while I could careless where Griffin was going. You may ask why this book is getting high markings? Well I believe this story is a journey that cannot be told in one book and between the illustrations and the idea of reading letters still gets my blessing to be a great book and I highly recommend everyone to read it.

I do not know what is going to happen next but I am curious how this will play out in the end. Will Sabine and Griffin finally consummate their love? We will find out in the next book until next time...

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