Thursday, September 10, 2015

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl (Zita the Spacegirl #2) by Ben Hatke


Now that everything is solved and done thanks to Zita, she is on the mission to find her way back home. The remote button that takes her back home only works with a powerful crystal and she used all its power in order to save everyone from the meteor. Piper originally betrayed her in the beginning but in the end he redeemed himself and luckily he has plenty of fuel to travel slowly back to Earth for Zita. What is different about this volume is we get caught up in drama that delays Zita's mission back to her home planet.

In the very beginning we encounter this robot who is lost and clueless with what is going on. The robot notices that everyone is cheering for Zita and slowly the robot tries to mimic and copy her and successful transforms into her when they meet and greet. When it changes to Zita, she gets excited that she can escape from the fans and explore the city before they have leave and unfortunately when its time to leave, the robot turns evil and wants to replace her. Now Zita is on a mission to (I) Destroy the robot before anything bad happens to her friends and (II) Help them on this dangerous mission to save this other planet from doom. In order to catch up with the gang, she steals a spaceship which sends off a bounty on her and the police chasing her. 

Along the way we meet characters who were part of Piper's old life and later will play an important role. In the end we learn that the robot wasn't evil, it was just lonely and wanted to be righteous and praised like Zita. But by the end of the book, Zita needs to explore the galaxy on her own to find the crystal and everyone goes their own separate ways. Unfortunately for her she gets arrested by the cops right after she leaves and saves the planet. I enjoyed this volume because it had more action and danger but I did not like how this story was superficial like this put the main mission on hold and didn't progressed our character on a mission back home.

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