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"Dragon Ball, Vol. 5: Dragon Ball in Space" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku and Vegeta went into an epic battle and by the end of the fight there was no winner as both were badly wounded.

(II) Goku friends like Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Piccolo, and Chaozu have all perished at the hand of Vegeta and his brother Nappa.

(III) Since Goku left Vegeta badly wounded, he is now trying to retreat and escape Earth to recuperate and kill Goku again.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

In this volume we immediately see Vegeta trying to make an escape in his pod and was almost killed by Kuririn but Goku forced him to stop and let Vegeta escape. You may think Goku is absolutely insane to let this happen but I believe Goku knows something whether consciously or not about Vegeta and how he will definitely be needed in the future. Gohan, Kuririn, and Goku are barely able to walk let alone fly to call help but as luck would have it the entire gang from Master Roshi, Bulma to Chichi get on a huge helicopter and rescue them.

As they are recuperating in the hospital not much can be done without the Senzu beans which will time to grow for Master Karin so Goku gets to experience what its like for a normal human being to suffer in a hospital with a cast and no movement. During this time, Kuririn brings a theory on how to salvage his friends with the Dragon Balls. They were destroyed after Piccolo/Kami-Sama were killed but we discovered in the previous volumes that those two are aliens called Namekians from the planet Namek and Vegeta has met them before so that means that they still exist. If they do then they possess the power to create the dragon balls and by having Goku resurrecting his friends then the Dragon Balls on Earth will come back to life again.

The plan sounds a bit legit but the problems that arises are (I) Goku cannot travel anywhere until he eats Senzu beans which will take at least a month to gather, (II) With the latest technology in mankind it would take thousands of years to arrive to the planet Namek. In the end they find a ship which was Kami-Sama's ship when he arrived on earth and with the latest updates thanks to Bulma it will only take a month to get to the planet so Kuririn and Gohan tag along with her to retrieve the dragon balls.

Meanwhile all of this sounds fine and dandy, we get a glimpse to what happens to Vegeta. We learn that he survived and returns to the planet Freeza where he gets desperate medical treatment. Unfortunately they couldn't regenerate his tail and I believe it will never grow back. As readers we get a glimpse of Vegeta's life and we learn that he is part of a team, the leader being this person named Freeza who collects planets, destroys its inhabitants, and then sells them to potential buyers. 

For Freeza, he intercepted Raditz communications with his brothers and learns about the Dragon Balls and the planet Namek. While Freeza is old and frail he is still powerful and if he gets the dragon balls he will be indestructible and Vegeta would become a slave. So Vegeta immediately hops on his space orb and travels to Namek to kill Freeza's henchmen and capture the dragon balls himself.

Around this whole Freeza discovery, it runs around the same time as Bulma and company who all arrive on the planet Namek. Immediately Gohan and Kuririn sense they are not alone and evil lurks nearby, they also feel Vegeta's chi and try to hide their own. Freeza and his henchmen detect other people arriving this planet and send some to check out their locations. What once seem like an easy mission becomes a nightmare as Kuririn and Gohan have to fight two other fighters and trying to find the dragon balls undetected.

The two fighters destroy Bulma's ship and after Gohan and Kuririn win the fight, she immediately messages back to Earth telling them about the horrors of Namek and how we need Goku's help. Master Karin already reap the senzu beans and gives them to Goku who instantly is cured and he rushes off on his own spaceship to help save the gang. It will only take 6 days but will he make it on time? We won't find out until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

P.S. I would say a few volumes ago the makers of this manga apparently heard my rant and magically solve my agitation by quitting to make footnotes. I believe they got irritated by helping those who didn't bother to read Dragon Ball so they either the footnote became like "Go read DB Vol. (insert number)" or they didn't bother writing a note. Hopefully that will be the end of these cheat sheets.

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