Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Titan's Curse (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #3) by Rick Riordan


This book surpasses the previous book, Sea of Monsters, by a long shot and made me excited to continue on in the Percy Jackson series. This book had so much action, humor, romance, and anxiety wrapped into one book and I haven't felt like this when it comes to a series since Harry Potter.

In "The Titan's Curse", it starts out a few months after the sea of monsters and instantly we are introduced to the gang as they are in a major mission to recruit some half-blood's before the monsters attacks and kills them. The only thing I did not like about the book is this which is they left a major gap between summer to December and they never tell you what happens between Percy, Thalia, Annabeth after the events of having Thalia brought back to life thanks to the Golden Fleece. 

I don't know if he did that intentional but it's like Rick Riordan left this major climax at the end of the 2nd book and I would think that would be a major conversation in this book but it became anticlimactic in reality. It's like everything is perfectly fine that Thalia who was supposedly dead is alive now and acts like she's been friends with Percy all this time since he became aware of his Demi-God. They never talk about it in this book and I hope somehow they will because that just frustrates me! 

Okay back to the story. As they are on this rescue mission, Annabeth gets caught in the middle and is taken prisoner by Kronos Army. Artemis makes a deal with Percy that she will find this monster and help Annabeth but sadly she gets captured by this monster and if she isn't rescue, Annabeth and her will die, and the Gods of Olympus will not vote to fight back against the ancient monsters and titans which will bring destruction to the world. So Percy and the gang have like a week to rescue everyone.

I feel like since we already know the characters and the Greek mythology, it moved very fast which I truly appreciate because it kept me at the edge of my seat wanting to read more about what is going to happen with the gang. This was better than the 2nd book because the plot of the 2nd book wasn't that entertaining and I get this feeling that the 2nd was more character introductions so that way the rest of the series has more action pack adventure and in each book, the characters are maturing.

Even though this book is meant for middle schoolers, I see the character growth especially in Percy throughout this book. In the first book, Percy was 13 years old and being extremely stubborn and not fully grasping what is happening to his life and how everything is changing thanks to Poseidon. Now in this book, Percy is almost 15 and maturing quickly because there's been more than one occasion that Percy had been close to the brink of death.

Also I love Percy and Annabeth and I hope they fall in love because that would be a great storyline and I believe this book made it obviously that even though Annabeth is Percy's friends, there's a lot of emotions attached to both of them. I cannot wait to see it further developed in the rest of the series!

I hope Battle in the Labyrinth can exceed this book!!! :)

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