Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 15: The Titanic Tournament" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball, Goku and the gang are in the Tenkaichi Budokai semifinals competing against Taopaipai, Piccolo Jr., a mysterious girl from Goku's past, and Shen who looks like a pathetic fighter but looks can be deceiving. Tenshinhan fights against Taopaipai and it is a bittersweet moment. Tenshinhan has pity on Taopaipai because based from his martial art skills he is no match for Tenshinhan and for Taopaipai he does not care unless he gets to kill him at the end of the battle. In the end Tenshinhan kicks Taopaipai into out of bounce and wins the first match.

Goku on the other hand fits with this mysterious girl who is angry with him and that feeling will not go away later on. She is no match for Goku and when he wins the match he finds out it is Chichi who is the daughter of the Ox-King. The last time they saw each other, she made innuendos as to Goku asking her hand and since he is oblivious he thought she was talking about food and accepted her hand not realizing it meant marriage. She brings up at the tournament and he reminds the whole event and gladly proposes to her.

 I do not believe he finds her gorgeous like all the other men who are drooling, I think he is someone who lives in the moment and since he kept a promise to her, he is definitely going to keep it. By having this storyline taken care of it now makes sense how Goku married Chichi and had Gohan. While reading this story I was wondering how the hell did he had a kid if he is oblivious about sex and women which clearly in Dragon Ball Z he still hasn't changed.

Kuririn battles Piccolo and it is obvious that Kuririn is no match for Piccolo. I feel bad for Kuririn because he is always makes it to the semifinals and always loses, I hope someday he can win the tournament. You do get to witness some growth in Kuririn's abilities but Piccolo is on a whole different playing field when it comes to defeating Goku.

Yamcha fights Shen and he believes it is going to be a piece of cake but Goku notices some distinct energy coming out of Shen that suggest otherwise. Shen acts like an idiot when fighting but he uses the trap to make the opponent believe that he is a worthless fighter and shows his true might which makes Yamcha lose. Goku pieces everything together and realizes that it is God who is taking control of Shen. God believes that Goku is no match for Piccolo and wants to trap Piccolo in a bottle using the Mafuba. 

Goku fights Tenshinhan again and I believe this time the battle was pathetic. I feel like Tenshinhan actually went backwards with his training and some of the moves that he performed were outdated and easily made Goku find his weak spots and win the match. I wanted it to be intense like the last time but I realize that Goku needs his strength when it comes to Piccolo.

Everyone is astounded by Goku skills and I love how over the course of the different matches, Master Roshi is able to notice how Goku is able to fight without barely using his powers and with slowing his heartbeat. by the end of this story we encounter a match between Piccolo and Shen? Who will win in the match between Good vs Evil? Will God be able to destroy Piccolo? Tune in next time on Dragon Ball.

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