Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Return of Zita the Spacegirl (Zita the Spacegirl #3) by Ben Hatke


On another episode of Zita the Spacegirl, we discover that Zita is in prison in a planet that is difficult for anyone to locate her. It has been rumored this prison planet existed but never discovered. Zita is guilty on all charges from stealing the space ship and luckily this masked hero helps her almost escape. While she was almost out of prison, she discovers there is a creature that is supposed to be floating in space and instead is chained up and its power is being drained. She wants to help rescue it but fails at first and learns that the creature is the one who is keeping this planet stable.

The alien who is in charge of this prison is trying to find a crystal to transport his species and him to another planet to conquer and after analyzing her blood, he now wants to reach Earth and take control of it. While he strips Zita of her outfit to make her look like a peasant, they made the bad mistake of ripping her star that her friend gave to her. By ripping it apart, it sent a signal to all her friends and together they find her location and decide to bail her out.

Over the course of the story, we get this big epic battle scenes of escape, and attacking the guards and all the evil people and Zita and her friends save the day. We get to learn that the masked hero who helped her escaped is none other than Joseph who she thought was on Earth. In the first book they were about to go home when the crystal shattered sending only one of them in the portal and for Joseph, the portal to Earth became several portals and he ended up on another planet. Now that they saved everyone, Zita and Joseph was about to escape the ruined planet with the bad guy ruined their opportunity. He fights them and finally throws them down to plummet to their deaths.

Zita friends couldn't reach her on time to save her so instead Piper attaches the portal to the robot and he projects the portal for Zita and Joseph to return to Earth before they plummet to their death. Piper was successful and quickly the portal closes. Now that Zita and Joseph have returned home, it seems like they were gone only for a few minutes while its been days since they were in the other galaxy (Similar to Narnia). While Joseph is glad to be home, Zita misses her friends and her adventures and tries to contact them for a year to see them again. A year goes by and nothing until she sees that her robot friend has crashed landed on earth with a note written by Piper saying that they need Zita's help leaving it open for another volume.

From what I read this is supposedly is a trilogy series and I desperate wish that they throw away that concept and making into a series. We only got a glimpse of this Sci-Fi world and I believe Ben Hatke needs to give us more info towards these characters, their background stories, and what is the next adventure for Zita as Piper and her friends need her help. I will definitely be on the look out for a sequel and I would love to read more Zita adventures. Until next time...

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