Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We3 by Grant Morrison


For such a short book I have to admit that this book taught me the lesson that I hate mankind. When it comes to animals, I have such a soft spot for them because they make us less lonely, teach us loyalty, companionship, love, and they should never be abused. I did not cry or get emotional because the book did not allow me to but nonetheless I found this to be a great graphic novel.

We get to learn that our government has stolen three animals (a dog, cat, and a rabbit) for a top secret experiment of making them into assassin animal robots. In order for it to work, they have to wire these robot monstrosities unto the animal head in order to work. They need their medication in order to be active and they have the ability to talk. Right there I felt bad for the animals but for the sake of the story I will look the other way.

What got me pissed off was that the person who is in charge of this experiment is running for President and he immediately wants the animals to be killed. They killed countless dictators and have serve their purpose so they need to die in order to cover up the whole thing. You simply do not kill animals because you feel like it and besides they are only train to kill when they are threaten otherwise they are harmless.

The scientist behind this experiment does not like the idea of them dying so instead she helps the animals to escape. Now that they are on the move, the government heads off to war to kill them before they reach civilians. What I love about this graphic novel is there is not much dialogue and they allow the illustrious to speak for the animals and them experience being on their own.

Since it is only the three of them, they need to work as a team in order to get away from the bad guys and find what they believe to be is home. Besides being an animal sympathizer I was always on team animals from the start and I love how Grant Morrison was able to portray the animals point of view especially since the government wants to exterminate them. I wish the graphic novel could have been longer but in the end I really enjoy the story and I believe everyone can resonate how human beings can be absolutely wicked when it comes to animals, war, and advancement of technology. 

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