Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 23: Boo Unleashed!" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku is on Earth for 1 full day to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament.

(II) Gohan fights to avenge Videl after the opponent beats the living daylights out of her. Unfortunately when Gohan turn Saiyan the opponent used a lamp and suck his chi.

(III) Goku and the gang are now racing the clock to destroy these villains because a new evil may awaken and destroy this Earth as we know it. 

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

The Title of this Manga, "Boo Unleashed" fits perfectly to what happens in this fabulous volume of Dragon Ball Z! Boo comes to life thanks to Vegeta and Goku and is fully formed in the sky into this big fat jelly blob. Boo isn't your typical villain of DBZ because everyone from Freeza to Cell are all obnoxious, over the top individuals who make more conversations than actual fighting. With Boo, he is created with such simplicity that the blob doesn't really make conversation because its mind frame is that of a toddler.

Boo follows Bobbidi orders because Bobbidi's father is the one who created Boo and Kaio-Shin is trying to warn everyone that it is useless to fight Boo and that we must all flee including Bobbidi. He makes the connection that when Boo realizes his true potential no one can govern him and all hell will break loose. Ofcourse when you witness this such nonsense what does the gang do? THEY FIGHT!

Gohan is the only one who can fight at the current moment and he is no match for Boo and instantly it looks as though Boo crushed into pieces but luckily he is knocked out from the impact and falls from the sky and lands miles away from the action. Everyone believes he is dead and during that struggle we jump back to Vegeta and Goku fighting. They notice the whole action based on Gohan's and Boo's chi and Vegeta knocks out Goku because he wants to destroy Boo. 

When Vegeta shows up to fight Boo everyone realizes there is no hope and evacuate. Vegeta understands this but decides that he will die without a fight and we get to witness this extraordinary event and Vegeta blows up like the Atomic Bomb and sadly Boo survives the event since he is blob that can regenerate and is whole again. Piccolo and the gang decided to runaway asap. 

When Goku wakes up, he teleports himself to Kami-Sama's place where everyone he knows has evacuated to avoid Boo for the time being. Goku knows he cannot destroy Boo because he can only be on Earth for 24 hrs and time is running up so Piccolo plants the idea to help train the others. Goku learned this technique while he was dead that if you can fuse two powerful fighters into one being whose strength is multiplied exponentially. The major flaws of this fusion is it only last for 30 minutes, the two fighters have to be equal in strength, and they have make this funny dance move correctly and if they mess up it either doesn't work or the fusion isn't at its full power.

So Goku is trying to teach Goten and Trunks how to perform this fusion correctly before he leaves and it is tedious. Meanwhile that is going on, the gang used the Dragon Balls to resurrect everyone who has died today that aren't bad guys and Kaio-Shin's partner comes back to live (I forgot he got killed earlier) and they both go searching for Gohan and luckily they find him and is able to save him and take them to their planet.

It is never been heard of a human to enter Kaio-Shin's land and when Gohan wakes up, they decide to train him to become powerful in order to destroy Boo and they believe he fits the myth of the Sword in the Stone (A.K.A. King Arthur). Kaio-Shin shows Gohan of this sword that will possess great strength to the beholder and no one has ever been able to take it out of the ground until Gohan gives it a try and is lucky enough to succeed. It is extremely heavy and difficult to possess but nonetheless he begins his training to become a better warrior.

Boo and Bobbidi want to fight Goku and the rest of the gang and will not stop at nothing in order to achieve it. Bobbidi can communicate telepathically to anyone he desires and to torture Goten and Trunks, Boo destroys countless cities with a blink of an eye and that is when it settles in for them that Boo is one the strongest if not superior creatures they have ever witness and quite possibly it could be the end of Humanity if they are not able to destroy him. Stay tuned until next time for more Dragon Ball Z...

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