Thursday, January 7, 2016

Humans of New York: Stories by Brandon Stanton


If you have no clue as to what is Humans of New York aka HONY so let me enlighten you. Years ago, Brandon Stanton quit his day job and focus on photography and during his travels during New York, he absolutely loved the city and decided to move to the Big Apple. With no job he focus on his photography and began this project. He pursued this project like a personal hobby and through Facebook and social media, it became wildfire and now millions of individuals around the earth tune in to HONY and Brandon Stanton has published two majors books of the thousands if not millions of photographs he has taken so far for the HONY project.

I remember vividly that I discover HONY on Tumblr which lead to following them on Facebook and it was still in the early phases. Originally it didn't have quotes, it was just pictures that in of itself explained the emotions the individual was experiencing at that moment. When it became famous, Brandon Stanton decided to make it more personal and provide a little background into these individuals lives by adding any comments that the person wanted in their photo. 

Between the first book which is Humans of New York and this new brand new book, we truly get to see the concept of being human and Brandon Stanton is magnificent at how to put the different photos together and made an occurring theme that showcase the highs and lows of Humanity. Both books are wonderful and if I have to be honest I believe this book surpasses the first one and worth the read. Even though I may never met these individuals in my life, I felt that their story and their photo left a major impact.

What was brilliant about this book is we get to experience the different emotions that we as humans are able to feel so some pages will bring us total laughter and happiness, some would make us think about what are we doing in our lives, some will disgust us, and finally some make you cry and either be grateful that you have a better life than these people or finally be able to find someone that we can relate. Nowadays we are so busy within our private lives between school, job, relationships, family, friends and paying bills that we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves and those around us who need help.

This book is not meant to be read in an hour and be done with it, this book enables the reader to be present in the moment and really absorb in the photographs and what the person is going through whether it be depressing or hilarious. We as humans are automatically designed to be imperfect and this book is terrific at showcasing that ones self of reality differs from others between the unique moments we experience in our upbringing or how we manage the day-to-day struggles in our life.

I find the Humans of the New York to be a phenomenal project and I love all these photographs. In my understanding of this series, we learn that we are not alone in this world. I highly recommend everyone to pick up a copy of this book and read it because it is so worth the experience. I cannot wait for more HONY books. Plus if you don't check out HONY daily, you are in for some major surprises with certain famous people.

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