Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 24: Hercule to the Rescue" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku is able to come back to Earth for one full day and the entire gang participate at Tenkaichi Budokai tournament.

(II) Gohan fights to avenge Videl after the opponent beats the living daylights out of her. Unfortunately when Gohan turn Saiyan the opponent used a lamp and suck his chi.

(III) Goku and the gang are now racing the clock to destroy these bad guys because a new villain is almost to be awaken and sadly they failed. Vegeta died in the process and now this new evil called Boo will seek to destroy this Earth. 

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

Where we left off in the previous volume practically everything has gone to shit. Vegeta is dead for his ignorance, Boo is awaken and wants to kill everything in sight, and Goku cannot defeat Boo because he has only just a few hours left on Earth. He was able to resurrected for 24 hours and most of that time was wasted both on the tournament and fighting Bobbidi and Vegeta. Now Goku has to train and teach Goten and Trunks this new power called Fusion which allows two powerful fighters uniting in one body with the ability to have superior strength.

Now this volume consists the same plot point in which Goten and Trunks are training nonstop in Kami-Sama's place in order to perform this fusion correctly and become stronger Saiyans. Meanwhile Boo and Bobbidi want to kill Goten, Trunks, and every fighter on the planet and are destroying countless cities, killing millions of individuals just to torture Goku and the gang. Goku makes a deal with Boo to stop fighting for a little while in order for them to get stronger and have an ultimate fight among the greatest which Boo agrees. Bobbidi argues and commands Boo to kill and Boo makes the connection that Bobbidi is not his master and kills him.

When time runs out for Goku, he travels back to "Heaven" and discovers that Gohan is in fact still alive and teleports to where he feels his son chi and learn that Gohan is with Kaio-Shin aka Lord of Lords. He helps his son train to become a better fighter and they discover that the original Lord of Lords is still in fact alive and has the ability to provide hidden inner strength and begins the ritual to make Gohan stronger. 

As this drama develops we are shifted back to Goten and Trunks as they successfully accomplished the task of fusion. They call themselves now Gotenks and they look like a miniature version of Vegeta with an attention span of a five year old. Immediately Gotenks are stubborn ignorant kids who believe they are invincible and try to fight Boo but each time they epically fail because they still need more training. 

Finally, we see Hercules on Earth trying to avoid Boo's wrath and unfortunately entangles himself when everyone decides he must kill Boo. They believe he is this powerful fighter (which is a lie) and send him to Boo's house. He plans on killing him but immediately becomes like his royal servant. Even though he is following Boo's commands, Boo makes the connection that Hercules treats him with respect and as a friend. Hercules completely makes a 360 for Boo that he stops killing people. 

Sadly that doesn't last long because these groups of evil men come and try to kill Boo and Hercules. Obviously they failed miserably but when Boo reaches a level of enrage over this situation, his body starts making this transformation and out of his body comes this evil skinny replica of Boo. They have this weird battle and Boo turns into chocolate bar and this evil Boo eats him up.

Apparently for this new Boo, if he devours you, he gains your strength and your abilities and because he ate the original Boo, he has transformed from being sickly thin to a normal buff fighter. Now the Earth is doomed with this new Boo. Will the gang be able to destroy him? Stay tuned until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

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