Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 21: Tournament of the Heavens" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku died in the process of destroying Cell but sadly it was all in vain.

(II) Gohan on the other hand found a new level of power and was able to destroy Cell and rid him permanently.

(III) Years have past and everyone is trying to move on and luckily Goku is going to come back to Earth for one full day to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament. 

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

After that long break of comedic relief with Gohan and Videl, the real action is about to begin. Goku is finally back which I am excited to see him back in action and the tournament is in the early stages. The entire gang have participated in this tournament because they want to have the pleasure to be in the presence of greatness since Goku sacrificed himself and has been training for years now since there is nothing to do when you are dead. 

The difference with this tournament is they have included new rules and regulations and one of them which is disappointing is children are not allowed to fight with the adults. Since humans have forgotten about kid Goku and all it is unsafe for children to fight adults and that becomes annoying for Trunks and Goten but they decided that they will disguise themselves and fight against the adults.

It's extremely difficult for two people to be in one costume with flying and attacking but nonetheless they are successful at this disguise and hopefully they make it far. Piccolo notices something strange is going on this tournament especially with these two contestants who work side by side. At first Piccolo is unable to figure it out but makes the connection that this person is Kaio-Shin which is the supreme deity in this universe. 

Piccolo cannot believe that Kaio-Shin is in this tournament and quickly learns that Kaio-Shin is here to witness Goku fight but that someone evil is lurking around and will attack Gohan. Goku wants to protect his son and all but Kaio-Shin tells him to leave it up to him by allowing the evil person to escape they can track their location to their base and help prevent the doom of this planet. 

Sure enough Videl is attacking her opponent and he does awful tricks that almost kills her and immediately we see that Gohan is in love with her and goes full Saiyan. Gohan essentially gets played by these two evil men named Yamu and Spopovich and they drain all his power to this lamp and escapes.

Goku and the gang must quickly track them down before all hell breaks loose. Will Goku and the gang be successful? Find out until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

I enjoyed this volume except for the mediocre nonsense like the kids not being able to compete because I believe they are worthy opponents to compete but I understand that the tournament wasn't really important just a segment to lead into the next major storyline that will conclude this series.

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