Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 25: Last Hero Standing!" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) A new evil has arrived in the Dragon Ball Z Universe and its name is Boo.

(II) Goten and Trunks have been training nonstop in order to perform a fusion and become Gotenks. If they are successful they will have the ability to become a powerful fighter.

(III) Boo for a period now was a thoughtless blob when a desire to kill everyone until he became friends with Hercules. But unfortunately his anger brought out a new evil Boo who is stronger and powerful and devours the original Boo. It looks like the Earth is doomed without Goku. 

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

This whole storyline with Boo is interesting and whimsical at the same given moment. It is crazy that we have discover a villain who essentially 100x stronger compare to Freeza, Cell and the countless villains we have encountered and yet Boo is simply a blob monster with no conscience. I understand Boo is evil and whatnot but I absolutely love the big blob and his jolly fatness until this new evil Boo devours him.

This volume is one of the longest mangas of the series and it is worth it because the last volume is going to be short sweet and simple. Having the 25th volume as the second to last book to conclude this series I wouldn't want it any other way and hopefully enjoy this journey as it finally concludes itself. This new Boo has awaken and immediately was going to kill Hercules but because a part of the original Boo lives within him, this new Boo has the memories and feelings and runs away without hurting Hercules (For now on I am going to name the new Boo as Super Boo).

Super Boo is able to detect Chi to a whole other level and finds everyone in Kami-Sama chambers ready to begin a fight. Piccolo tells him that they will only fight if he destroys every living creature on Earth. It is a horrible task but enough to give Gotenks enough training and they can resurrect everyone with the Dragon Balls later on. Yet in 1 minute, Super Boo kills everyone except Hercules in 3.2 second with a wave of his arm. He shoots out this chi balls that look like a million bullets are targeting the Earth and at that point you know he is force that the gang has never witness in their lifetime.

Piccolo tells Super Boo that he will go wake up the kids and that will take an hour and displays an hourglass to showcase that he means it. Immediately Goten and Trunks are shoved into the time chamber to train because within an hour of waiting, it will have been a few weeks for the boys to train and enough time to kick butt. 

Super Boo grows impatient and heads to the chamber to fight and it becomes a total warfare between these two fighters and it makes you wonder if Gotenks can defeat Super Boo. It is fascinating how they fight because since Gotenks is a child, their moves are quite inventive and not your typical Saiyan martial arts. There is a possibility that it is possible for them to defeat Super Boo but in the end I believe it feels right that someone else show be the one to defeat Super Boo and Akira Toriyama is brilliant at displaying that with having the children behave like a bunch of toddlers and ruin the opportunity to strike.

As this is happening, Goku and Gohan make the connection that everyone on Earth is dead and that enrages Gohan and notices that the Lord of Lords ritual actually works and heads off to Earth to battle Super Boo. Everyone at the moment discovers that Gohan is still alive and is a battle to watch and immediately ended since Super Boo is kicking the daylights out of Gotenks and Gohan. Gotenks in the middle of an ultimate fighting move, they run out of time and revert back to their original selves and Super Boo makes the connection and manipulates them.

He waits until they are able to recharge and fuse back together and creates this blob that absorbs Gotenks and he devours them making him able to have their abilities, their strength, and their ridiculous outfit. Goku cannot handle what is happening on Earth and for a while feels useless because he cannot fight since he is still dead so the original Lord of Lords sacrifice his remaining time alive which apparently is 1,000 years left and Goku is alive.

Goku heads to Earth and teams up with Gohan. Since Goku was able to witness Gotenks transformation, he is wondering if he can do the same now that the Lord of Lords provided these earrings that perform Fusion without the ridiculous dance and it last for a longer period of time. Goku was apprehensive about fusion with Gohan and as usual, Super Boo devours Gohan and at the moment Hercules was the only fighter in the area. I knew already who Goku is going to fuse with but for a split second I was going to get outraged if Goku fused with Hercules.

This manga has major fighting sequences that felt like I was watching the anime instead of reading it and I couldn't believe the craziness of this manga. At the time when I was reading this I didn't know if I was able to finish this series because I love Goku and the gang and I am not ready to say goodbye yet. I never saw the ending of the anime, I played all the video games when I was younger, and still I get emotional when I am saying Goodbye to the Characters that I discover and cherish regardless if it is book, television, or movie and now we reached the final chapter. Stay tuned for the Final Dragon Ball Z!...

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