Tuesday, January 5, 2016

'Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore, Jessie Willcox Smith

Rating: ★ 

I remember when I was three or four how my parents had this book in a popped up edition and absolutely loved looking at the book and with all the different pop-ups and Santa Claus. I do not remember anyone reading the book which probably they did it and either I fell asleep or my mind was elsewhere. Since then I have never read the book again but I have sung the poem for Christmas shows in the past. Why am I reading it now you may ask? This story is by far one of the classics that must be read every year for the holidays. Plus this is the story where we got the name of the iconic reindeers and more.

I quickly discovered that there are thousands if not millions of different versions of this classic story and I become puzzled as to which one I should pick and then discovered that this version is one of the first to get the story and include illustrations in 1900s and I decided that I should read that version. I have to admit that it is disappointing that the book was extremely small because it effects the illustrations and you don't get absorb into the story.

I guarantee you that if it was a normal children's book that it would make the illustrations more captivating especially since this book is at least 100 years old. It was difficult reading the story not because of the language or anything but because since I have to countless hours of rehearsing this tale in song form that I want to sing the song instead of reading.

I do not know if its because the way the book was formatted or the tale itself but I believe this book should be read to children because towards the end the story made me lose concentration and I can only imagine for a child it wouldn't be as fascinating to read this story with words that people don't speak anymore. I loved how they provided a biography about the author and how he wrote this poem for his children.

Plus I discover that this is the story where the names of the reindeer (except for Rudolph sorry) came into existence so essentially every film, book, tv special, and song can thank Clement C. Moore. This is truly a christmas classic and I believe it should be read to children on Christmas Eve to make the whole experience special and memorable.

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