Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 20: The New Generation" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku died in the process of destroying Cell but sadly it was all in vain.

(II) Gohan on the other hand found a new level of power and was able to destroy Cell and rid him permanently.

(III) Trunks goes back to the future and is able to destroy the androids, kill Cell and restore peace to the galaxy. 

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

For some who read this volume could be pretty upset how this was just pure comedic chapter of Dragon Ball Z without any deadly battles and action except for Gohan's life. Goku is dead so now the family and the rest of the gang are trying to move on. Since there hasn't been an attack on Earth, Gohan has been lacking in his training and now wants to attend high school as a normal teenager.

No one on Earth knows who killed Cell but they believe it is Hercules who is absolutely pathetic. What I disliked immediately was how the humans of this fictional world could careless about how these evil villain have attacked their world which showcases that there are species that are outside of humankind. 

I understand how this may be one of the weakest storylines but for me this felt like a mini break from the average fighting in this series. I love every story arc that Akira Toriyama has done for Dragon Ball Z but I believe if we don't take a pause of the fighting it becomes overrated and not very original when it comes to the villains and the whole world is about to end every time. 

I love Gohan and how he has in many ways grown up and I thought that by being a Saiyan doing incredible things would be suffice and showcase high self-esteem. Apparently I was wrong and I didn't want Gohan to try to fit in with humans because it makes me feel like this characters become ordinary and lose the specialness of their abilities. I read stories to escape into a fantasy world and for me it felt like this because an episode of every teenage show where one outsider tries to fight in with the average teenager. 

We get to meet Hercules daughter and she is trying to follow her father's footstep and become the world's greatest hero but I could actually careless about her. I love her interaction with Gohan and clearly I see that they will definitely become a love interest later. The great thing about this volume is for the first half we get an ordinary storyline and then the last half is when the action starts.

Word gets around that Goku is going to fight in the Tenkaichi Budokai tournament and immediately all hell is going to break loose. Vegeta finally wants to kick Goku ass after all these years of waiting and because Goku is going to come back for a day everyone starts training including Goten who is Goku's second son who was born after he dies. 

The ending of the volume is the gang fighting the different rounds to secure a spot in the finals and I love how they are all back together even though a lot of the adults are way older now. My favorite part is at the tournament, the man who is the announcer of the event is always the same guy and when he sees Goku and everyone he is happy and grateful that they have come back and will showcase one of the best moments of the tournament.

Will Goku beat Vegeta? Will Gohan showcase his true talent? Or Will a new evil come to the forefront? Stay tune for another episode of Dragon Ball Z...

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