Thursday, January 7, 2016

Bill Peet: An Autobiography by Bill Peet


When I read about the description of this book I thought it was merely impossible that the library would possess this book because it has less than an 1,000 ratings on Goodreads but one day as I was at my usual library, I was looking at the autobiography/biography section and saw this book sticking out a bit and my brain automatically registered that it was merely impossible what I have in front of me and sure enough as I was checking the online catalogue they owned this book and it was available to check out.

Now it has been a few months that I have had this book in my room and decided on New Years Eve to read a few pages and while the beginning didn't automatically pull me in I figured since it has Disney related information I should stagger on. Luckily between the beautiful illustrations and the fast storytelling you can read it within a few hours. Mentioning that I love this book is an understatement in of itself and I highly recommend everyone to read it. 

Bill Peet wrote this book with illustrations to give the impression that this is a children's book but honestly anyone can read this book whether young or old because his life story is easy to understand the illustrations capture you into the story. Bill Peet if you do not know name (which I didn't until I came across this book) is a famous children's author/illustrator but he is more famous with working on Disney Classic Film such as Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Sleeping Beauty, One Hundred Dalmatians, Cinderella, The Sword in the Stone and countless other classics 

His name may not sound familiar because he was charged in the animation and making the storyboard which essentially is putting the animated together by illustrating scene-by-scene sequence of the film. It is not an easy job and clearly we discover that throughout his time working at the Disney Studios. I have to admit that because I accidentally flip to a wrong page and discover he wrote ton of pages on Walt Disney that for me the beginning of life from Childhood to Adulthood was boring. It felt slow pace and like it was never going to end but honestly probably I wanted to skim through that era quickly because while I didn't grow up as troubled as Bill Peet, I can relate to him in many ways in my upbringing and family life.

I find it interesting how the transition between making art for fun to an actual job was a simple transition for him in America because I've learned from countless books and movies in particular for a man majoring in art was either taboo or was discourage upon because of the notion that Art is full of naked people and that it wouldn't make any stable income. While Bill Peet experience some troubled times especially starting from High-School and College, we get to see that he persevere and always found a silver lining whenever he wanted to pursue new passion.

Part of the reason why I finally read this book is because I just watched an 4-Hour Documentary PBS special on Walt Disney and it was fascinating to learn new details about him, his career, and the choices he made which weren't always so perfect. I got to learn that he is human just like everyone else and that humbles me because people portray him as though he is the God Almighty and he had no faults of any kind. 

Since I am still high on the Disney bang wagon train I felt like this was a fun little snippet of what it was like working for the Disney company and having to present your countless hours of work to the boss himself and having him either applaud your work or rip it to shreds because it didn't work in the story or they don't have the money to include that much animation.

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