Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 11: The Eyes of Tenshinhan" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball, the gang is competing in the Tenkaichi Budokai in the finals and so far everyone is in the lead except Yamcha who was utterly destroyed by Tenshinhan and now Kuririn is fighting against Chaozu who is not as simple to defeat. They have a heated battle but in the end Kuririn was smart enough to defeat Chaozu by sending him out of bounds. All the gang opponents so far are too easy to battle except for Tenshinhan and we get the first epic battle between Jackie Chun and Tenshinhan. Jackie Chun aka Master Roshi believes Tenshinhan is strong fighter but he miscalculated the magnitude of Tenshinhan's powers. Since Tenshinhan and Chaozu have been taught by the Crane Hermit, they act like they are assassins and Master Roshi notices that during the battle and tells Tenshinhan that he needs to part ways with the Hermit and become pure in order to live and enjoy life.

Instead of battling till they are out of power, Jackie Chun simply steps out of bounds and has decided that his teaching has come to an end when it comes to this tournament and that the next generation is going to have one of the most powerful fighters ever heard of in history. Tenshinshan is shocked by all this and is curious about Master Roshi and accepts that he needs to disconnect with the Crane Hermit which doesn't go so smoothly as planned. Luckily we get distracted as Kuririn battles Goku. Since they are friends, the stakes gets higher and both decide to fight at full power. For Kuririn, he has trained harder than before but unlike Goku, he is on a whole different playing field and beats Kuririn. 

Now that everyone has been defeated except for Tenshinhan and Goku,the final battle has arrived and everyone is at the end of their seat including me. Tenshinhan under estimates Goku and doesn't believe that Goku killed Taopaipai which was the Crane Hermit's brother and master but sure enough during these battle scenes, Tenshinhan discovers that he has met a worthy opponent and wants to battle at full power. The Crane Hermit tries to cheat his way to make Goku get killed but Tenshinhan commands him to stop cheating and making this battle fair and square which ends the relationship between the master and the student. The Crane Hermit makes sure that this is not the end and that Tenshinhan will pay for his betrayal.

Between all this battle scenes and intense fighting we do not get the pleasure of figuring out who wins the tournament until the next volume and I really love Tenshinhan character. I remember him and Chaozu vividly from Dragon Ball Z but I never knew the backdrop story of how they know Goku. Plus Tenshinhan is a complete good guy in Dragon Ball Z and it was refreshing to see his character being conflicted between being trained as an assassin and becoming the warrior he was destined to be. 

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