Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 6: Bulma Returns!" by Akira Toriyama


In this issue of Dragon Ball, Goku is still in the North fighting his way up to Muscle Tower to rescue the mayor of this small village. He has passed several rounds but now he is fighting a ninja who isn't a strong fighter and portrayed more for comedy relief. Since Goku is stronger thanks to his training with Master Roshi, he is able to reach the top and rescue the Mayor. Goku believed that the Dragon Ball could be in Muscle Tower and was disappointed that he couldn't find it but he was actually right that the Dragon Ball was in Muscle Tower but hidden with someone.

During the course of him rising to the top of the Tower, he meets a robot that looks exactly like the monster in Frankenstein except that he does not like to fight and despise evil people. He found the dragon ball while he was walking around and hide it with him because he didn't want the Red Ribbon Army to have it in their possession and because he saw the goodness in Goku, he was willing to give it to him and unfortunately it wasn't the dragon ball that his grandpa gave to him.

Now that the mission was over, he wants to find the next dragon ball but unfortunately the radar needs a repair and that means that Goku must find Bulma and ask her to repair it. Since Goku has never been to her house, never lived in a city, it is quite difficult to find her but he is persistent in his goals and travels to "The City of the West" and finds her. We learn that she is the daughter of the inventor of the Capsules pills and she is practically a genius when it comes to technology.

 She is excited to see him again and shows Goku her latest gadget which is she is able to shrink herself to fit into his pocket. Bulma is bored with school and from city life so she wants to tag along with Goku to help him find the dragon balls. Sadly Goku forgot to mention about the Red Ribbon Army is after him for the dragon balls, and Bulma took the wrong capsule case meaning she has no tools or gadgets to help Goku now that they discovered that the next dragon ball is deep under the ocean floor. Whats ironic is Master Roshi's Island is not far away from where they are so they fly away hoping his master will help him. Will Goku find the dragon ball? Will Bulma have to show her panties to Master Roshi? Will the Red Ribbon Army ruined the day? We won't find out till next time on Dragon Ball.

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