Saturday, September 19, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 3: Earth vs. the Saiyans" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Nappa and Vegeta (Two Saiyans) have arrived on Earth to destroy it and capture the Dragon Balls.

(II) Goku is earth's only savior and he is nowhere to found since he has to cross the serpent road back in order to come back to Earth.

(III) To give Goku more time, the whole gang teams up to fight Nappa and Vegeta at the cost of their life. Yamcha is the first one to die among the ground and more are fated to die.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

In this volume we leave off right in the middle of a battle with Nappa. He is finally showing his true colors and he now is picking his next victim to kill. Immediately Tenshinhan comes in to save the day but he is no matched for him and even gets his hand cut off by Nappa. Chaozu believing that he could save Tenshinhan, he swoops in and glues himself onto Nappa hoping by exploding himself, he will kill Nappa but epically fails. 

The scene was so heart braking because Chaozu can never be resurrect again because the rule of the Dragon Balls is if you made the wish to resurrect someone it can never be used twice on that person. Tenshinhan realized what was happening and right before your eyes he makes a vow to avenge Chaozu and we get to see the pain in his eyes. Akira Toriyama is a master when it comes to storytelling and you really connect with his characters both good or bad. 

I know the anime and manga sometimes differ but I have to bring up the subject that Chaozu and Tenshinhan are lovers. Supposedly Tenshinhan is straight in the anime but I oppose that theory in the manga because Tenshinhan during this volume vows that when he kills Nappa that he will die and rejoin with Chaozu and promises to never leave his side. Some may say that oh they were like brothers to each other and that may be true at first but a brother wouldn't sacrifice himself to be with his brother. In reality you would try to live your life to make your brother proud and honor him but to flat out want to die to be with him tells a different story. It didn't have to be sexual love but romantically I believe they were soul mates and it makes Chaozu's death that more tragic.

(After reading what I just wrote try watching this clip and try to prove me wrong)

Tenshinhan gives it his all to avenge Chaozu but he is no match to Nappa and dies right after which makes this series get gloomier by the minute and if they keep this up there isn't going to be anyone left in the series. Vegeta keeps overhearing the mention of Goku constantly and makes the connection that Kakarrot is Goku and decides to wait three hours to kill the rest of time and sadly Goku doesn't make it on time. 

Meanwhile all that is going on, Goku finally arrives back at the entrance of the Serpent Road and hops on Kintoun trying to reach everyone before it is too late. Piccolo is the last ultimate fighter and between him, Gohan, and Kuririn they made a plan to ambush Nappa and for Gohan to kill him. He chickens out at the last minute and the whole plan goes to shit. With Piccolo knocked out and Kuririn weakened, Nappa takes the advantage to kill Gohan and he would have been successful except Piccolo blocked the attack to save Gohan and dies. 

I wanted to cry so badly for Piccolo because we get to learn that because of Goku and Gohan, they helped him become a better person and makes us realized that during this whole year of training, Gohan was practically a son for Piccolo and he enjoyed his time with him. This moment I believe redeems Piccolo and finally makes him lovable exactly like how we all hate the Grinch in the beginning but we love him at the end (How the hell did Dr. Seuss get into a manga? Go back to Whoville!).

After that incident, Nappa tries to kill Gohan again and once again he fails because Superman saves him! Oh wait I mean Goku!! When Goku connects the pieces and realizes that all his friends are killed, all hell breaks loose and we meet a force that shouldn't be dealt with. Goku beats the living daylights out of him but it is Vegeta who kills him in the end for being weak and giving up the fight.

Now that the only fighter left is Vegeta that means we will soon witness one of the most destructive legendary fights of all time in Dragon Ball Z. Will Goku succeed or will we all parish thanks to Vegeta? To find out more tune in next time on Dragon Ball Z...

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