Sunday, September 27, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 7: The Ginyu Force" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Kuririn and Dende went to go visit the Elder of the Namekian's to seek out the final dragon ball.

(II) Goku is on a spaceship heading to planet Namek to help out his friends and at the same time training inside the ship to become a better fighter.

(III) Vegeta fought with Zarbon but was no match for him and he almost died. Luckily Zarbon needs Vegeta for Freeza so he takes him to Freeza's spaceship to recover (Big mistake).

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

In this volume we get to witness plenty of chaos and action but I believe this volume is just an introduction to what we are going to witness in the upcoming volumes. Goku still hasn't arrived on planet Namek but thanks to the training equipment that he has onboard, he has become a stronger fighter that has never been seen before for the Saiyan race and mankind. 

Kuririn is able to retrieve the dragon ball from the elder and learns that he has hidden power locked inside of him which the elder is willingly able to release it and Kuririn gets the idea that he needs to bring Gohan to the elder to unlock his powers and become a powerful individual to fight out Vegeta, Freeza, and anything else evil while Goku is away.

Vegeta on the other hand wakes up from his recuperating chambers and discovers that he is on Freeza's ship and they haven't killed him. Since he is a saiyan, every time that he survives a battle, his strength increases and after going through hell with Zarbon he will now be able to open a can of whoop ass and destroy him. While avoiding confrontation, Vegeta was able to trick Freeza and Zarbon and escape the spaceship with 5 of the Dragon Balls. 

While all of this drama is going on, Gohan decides that he needs to retrieve the Dragon Balls that Freeza has stolen and discovers the missing dragon ball that Vegeta hid when he attacked a namekian village in the previous volumes. 

Gohan and Kuririn encounter Vegeta several times and at first they were reluctant to work with him because they believed that the Dragon Balls only grant one wish but because these dragon balls are enormous and extremely powerful it can grant three wishes. Vegeta originally stoled a dragon ball from Kuririn but now they need to retrieve the final one before the Ginyu Force arrives. 

Unfortunately they arrived on time but they are faster and end up at Vegeta's hideout of the Dragon Balls and steals all seven to take to Freeza. Now the gang has to fight the Ginyu force and they are not easy opponents. The leader of the group, Captain Ginyu, is the one who leaves the group to return the dragon balls to Freeza. 

So now we get to see this Ginyu Force (who look like an evil pathetic version of Power Rangers without the mask) in action and one of fighters named Gurd died thanks to Vegeta. But the next fighter named Reacoom is too powerful for the entire gang and starts beating the living daylights out of every one of them. Will they be able to defeat the gang before Goku arrives or die in vain? Stay tuned until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

I really enjoyed this volume and I love how we are starting to witness a change with Vegeta. I know what happens to his character later on but I really loved how while he is still selfish and evil, he has now been forced to work with the good guys because he cannot let a bigger evil force ruin his plans and defeat him since he believes he is the greatest saiyan warrior ever. I do not know if the Anime differs from the manga but I am not certain if Vegeta becomes a good guy like Goku or simply accepts that Goku is the supreme super saiyan.

I am losing my patience that Goku hasn't arrived yet and I need to end asap. I remember the whole Freeza storyline vividly and reading it in manga form is utterly epic. I need them to fight already and for Goku to show a glimpse of this new ability that he has possessed thanks to his training.

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