Friday, September 4, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 5: The Red Ribbon Army" by Akira Toriyama


So we pick up right where the last volume left us which is Goku and Jackie Chun. Every time one of them gets closer towards winning, the other opponent seeks out a move that they didn't expect and at the end they are powerless, exhausted, and equal opponents. Unfortunately Goku loses only on a technically which is because he is short. Both him and Jackie Chun kick each other making them unable to get up from the ground. Luckily Goku gets up to say the phrase to win the competition but couldn't finish the last syllable. Jackie Chun takes a while and finally wins. If Goku had been an adult he would have won the competition.

I thought Goku would have won the competition but I am glad he didn't because I believe Master Roshi's idea that by winning this competition will make his apprentices arrogant and disinterested in training. Goku and the rest of the gang were clueless about Jackie Chun but I love how humble Goku was towards losing. He praised Jackie for the epic battle and wishes to fight again when he has more training and is stronger. Now that the tournament is over what happens?

Well Goku and Kuririn need to continue their training but now this next phase in their journey no longer requires Master Roshi. They need to pursue their training solo letting life and fate take their course. Luckily for Goku, his next journey is finding his grandfather's dragon ball. He believes he will find it but in actuality, he is going to need to find and capture all the dragon since Bulma's dragon ball gps is unable to showcase what number correspond to each dragon ball.

Goku is able to find the first dragon ball which is #6 but meets some evil bad guys in the process. They are humans and lack any training so for Goku it is a piece of cake fighting them and retrieving the dragon ball. What Goku doesn't know is this group called the Red Ribbon Army have their own dragon ball tracking device and are searching for them as well because they want to wish something evil towards the Earth. Now that Goku is trying to find #4, he retrieve it he has to travel north in the snow to Muscle Castle.

Along the way he meets strangers who help him and as a token of his gratitude, he agrees to attack Muscle castle in order to retrieve the Mayor who has been held hostage. In order to free the mayor, Goku must reach to the top of the tower where each floor level has different villains that he must battle. He luckily beats three of the levels but now the stakes are higher.

I enjoyed this volume but not compared to the previous ones where the fighting was intense. I feel like the next volumes will be humorous like how it was in the beginning but I am curious about Goku's wish when he summons the dragon. I feel like Goku's wish will be that he wants to an adult and by granting that wish we get to see time fast forward and that is how we are introduced to Dragon Ball Z.

I would like to see if I am right because I do not remember anything after the anime from the tournament until the first episode of Dragon Ball Z. I never got to transition part in the anime and now I am crazy to figure out how they transition Kid Goku to Adult Goku. We will soon find out! Until next time... on Dragon Ball!

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