Tuesday, September 15, 2015

"Dragon Ball, Vol. 12: The Demon King Piccolo" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball, Goku and Tenshinhan have reach the final round in the tournament and we are at the edge of our seat as to who will win this tournament. After using all their energies, Goku and Tenshinhan are exhausted and both fall from the sky and whoever reaches the ground last will win and sadly Goku lost by a technicality. Tenshinhan feels bad about Goku losing and offers to split the prize money but Goku instead ask if he could pay for his dinner since he is starving. Tenshinhan is utterly impress about Goku and learns that he needs to train harder in order to outmatch Goku. I was spoiled about Tenshinhan winning thanks to the internet but either way I am not mad because I feel like Goku shouldn't won for this fight especially when something epic is going to happen to finally conclude this series. 

After the they established the agreement for dinner, horror strikes Goku and the gang when they discover that Kuririn was killed by a monster who was trying to steal Goku's dragon ball and succeeded. Goku loses it and decides to track the monster and kill it to avenge his friend. He forgets that his powers is wiped out and when he encounters the monster, he is knocked down and falls into what looks like a jungle/forest. When the lizard monster returns to his master we discovered that Pilaf was the one who tracked the dragon ball and resurrected this evil demon named King Piccolo.

Piccolo is extremely old and wants to capture the dragon balls so that way he can recapture his youth and become this monster who will destroy the earth. Pilaf resurrected him so that way they can recapture all the dragon balls successfully and if we Piccolo conquers the world the idea is he will get a percentage to Pilaf (which I highly doubt). When Goku wakes up, he meets another character by the name of Yajirobe who holds one of the dragon balls. Goku fights Yajirobe and discover he is a strong fighter but the fight is put off as Yajirobe attacks and kills the dragon that is trying to steal his dragon ball.

The same monster comes to steal it afterwards but gets killed thanks to Goku and Yajirobe and when Piccolo feels their death, he personally comes and wonders how they were defeated and goes into this epic battle with Goku. Along the way, the gang decides to find all the dragon balls to resurrect his Kuririn and pursuing this goal rather quickly. Will Goku defeat Piccolo or will he sacrifice himself for humanity? We won't find out until next time on Dragon Ball.

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