Monday, November 30, 2015

Star Wars: Lando by Charles Soule

Rating: ★ 1/2

Disclaimer: I read the individual comics. 

I fall into this category where everything that I read in regard to Star Wars has to deal with The Force Awakens. If I stumble upon something that has nothing to do with the new movie I've notice that I'm disappointed and not focus. I blame the mass marketing behind the new movie and promoting everything too early and now that the film is going to premiere in less than 30 days I am going insane. If I had this comic after Episode VII I would have believe this would get all the stars.

When it comes to Lando Calrissian I am not a big fan because I don't know much about his character, I felt like they just randomly threw in a black guy into a movie without proper introductions and called it a day. So when I heard that they were making a miniseries I was apprehensive reading it.

I will admit that this comic didn't provide much coverage about who is Lando Calrissian and it felt more like an 30 minute episode of Rebels. I wouldn't recommend this book to anyone at the current moment but if you love Lando and want something short then gladly pick it up and read. This story takes place before Empire Strikes Back and Lando as a smuggler is trying to pay his debts. He thought by capturing this artifact would solve his problems but he has one final mission before he can run debt free.

His mission is to steal this ship and after completing the task he can sell whatever artifacts inside the ship. This mission sounds too good to be true and sure enough you discover that this special ship belongs to Emperor Palpatine and all hell will break loose. I love the illustrations and the colors that were used in this comic and for once it got my mind off from Force Awakens but overall I was a tad bit disappointed that there weren't any character develop and left us more questions about these people who Lando encounters in this comic who he's known for years but don't explain how they met. 

I believe this comic should have been a series of like 3 volumes and provide tons of details that we don't get answered from the Original Trilogy. I was debating about giving it 4 stars but I believe Lando is a far better comic than Leia so I give the rating of 4.5 stars.

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