Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Miss Nelson Has a Field Day" (Miss Nelson #3) by Harry Allard

Rating: ★ 

After the horrendous making of Miss Nelson Is Back I was apprehensive about whether I would love and enjoy this book. This book was written years after the first book was published and I believe because Miss Nelson is Missing! is iconic now that the pressure to write this book was less intense compare to the sequel. I believe the author went back to his roots and played a beautiful tribute to this children series. I absolutely loved the twist at the end of the book.

Time has passed since Miss Nelson has been a teacher and for once they actually named the school that she teaches which was a total surprise for me! She is loving the students and everything about school but unfortunately everyone around her is all depressed. Miss Nelson finds out that their football team has lost every single game and that there is no hope of ever winning one especially now that this famous Thanksgiving game is approaching. 

The coach has been trying to train them but all the players act like a bunch of monkeys and fool around. So Miss Nelson takes a chance to improve the team by becoming Miss Viola Swamp. She kicks butt and makes them wish that the coach could come back and train them especially her. People are starting to take notice that Viola Swamp could be Miss Nelson but she was 2 steps ahead of everyone and brought her twin sister to appear at the same time so it can confirm that they are two separate people

Overall I can say that I really enjoyed this series even though it is not one of my top favorite children's classics. I highly suggest if you loved the first book then to check this one out because it is definitely better than the sequel!

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