Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt


This book is absolutely hilarious and unique! I would never think in my years of living that you could write a creative and funny story about Crayons for Children especially since children destroy crayons by the millions. I have to applaud the author and the illustrations because it was spectacular and I desperately want more! I believe this book is perfect for children and adults which is perfect because I believe Adults should able to learn and be reminded of lessons that we have tried to forget or ignore.

This book deals with a boy named Duncan who clearly abuses his crayons like every other child on this planet. When he opens his crayon box he discovers letters written to him and its by different color crayons. My favorite is Red because if I were Duncan I would get the same letter explaining that I use him the most since he is one of my favorite colors and is a color that is overused in everything.

This review is going to be short because I do not want to ruin the book for anyone and I highly recommend everyone picking it up and reading it. The ending was beautiful and I have to admit that this Duncan kid can definitely draw 100x better than I could at any age! If there is any sequels I desperately need it in my possession. Until next time...

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