Monday, November 30, 2015

Star Wars: Darth Vader, Vol. 1: Vader by Kieron Gillen

Rating: ★ 

**I highly suggest anyone who is interested in reading this series should read the Star Wars comic alongside Darth Vader.**

Darth Vader takes place immediately after the events of Cymoon 1 in the Star Wars comics and we get to see that Darth Vader is pretty much furious after the events of the Death Star and letting the rebels get away in Cymoon 1. The Emperor He is off to Tatooine to meet with Jabba the Hut to make negotiations on behalf of the Emperor meanwhile Darth Vader meets with Boba Fett and Black Krrsantan to seek out information to locate the rebel who destroyed the Death Star and a mysterious agent working for Emperor Palpatine.

In a flashback, Darth Vader meets up with Palpatine and they immediately discuss Vader's failure at capturing the rebels after Cymoon 1 and continues to bicker how reckless Darth Vader has become and a major disappointment for him. The Emperor decides to put Tagge in charge and Darth Vader in 2nd command. For Vader that seems ridiculous and clearly the Emperor thinks of him like a tool rather than a force to be reckoned with plus at the end of the meeting, a mysterious man shows up to discuss secrets plans that Palpatine is hiding from Vader.

Along the way we are introduced to new characters like Aphra who is someone who raids and steals parts to create droids and other favors, 0-0-0 and BT who are essentially C-3P0 and R2-D2 except they love to torture and kill anything. Aphra becomes an employee for Vader when he sees the potential to create his own army and minions to help him and uses her resources to his advantage. Plus what is interesting is we get to meet someone who doesn't work for the Imperials and yet Aphra admonish and worship Lord Vader. Once Black Krrsantan comes back with the agent, we find out that he has an isolated hideout where he has potential successors who are going to replace Vader and he immediately sets course to discover this hideout and learn the truth about the Emperors deceitful actions. 

At the hideout, the major discovery we find out is that this agent of the Emperor has started creating mechanical advance humans and creatures to wield lightsabers and became the next major change in the universe. Darth Vader is appalled and believes it is an abomination this creation and tainted what is it to use the force. Another surprise that we find out is these soldiers have been in training for about 20 years which reveals to Vader that ever since Mustafar, Palpatine has begun finding successors to defeat Vader and at that moment Vader secretly begins his plana to kill the Emperor and rule the Galactic Empire.

I know that there is a universal understanding between the fans and the people who have seen Star Wars that Palpatine and Darth Vader do not get along especially towards the end of the series. Even though Darth Vader obeys his leader it doesn't mean that he is betraying him at the same time and finding his own secret motives. But I believe we never get the reason why they feel that way except the fact that there is a power struggle between the Sith Lord and his apprentice. What is great about this comic is we finally see the climax that started the downfall relationship between the Emperor and Vader which is perfect in terms of showcasing that Palpatine's nature has always been secretive, vindictive, and does not care for anyone except for himself. I never understood how Anakin fell for his tricks because I never liked him to begin with and multiple times he has shown his true colors that he is a weak character who uses others for his own gain.

The illustrations were phenomenal and I love how they portrayed Darth Vader as dark and mysterious like in the original trilogy and in this series you never know what is going to happen with Vader and his secret missions. I recommend people to read the Star Wars comics because all the missions that Vader or Boba Fett are doing shows up in the Star Wars comics. What I really enjoyed in the final few pages goes into more detail that in Star Wars is when Vader discovers Luke Skywalker's name and it brings flashbacks of Padme which after 20 years, he still feels angry and heartbroken about her death and finally makes the connection that Luke is his son. Now that he knows this fact, he believes that bringing his son to the dark side then he can defeat the Emperor and control the world. 

I absolutely have no clue where this series is going but I am definitely onboard towards finding out more. I love Darth Vader and through this series I believe we get to see different personalities of his character whether good or evil. There is not much action in this first volume but I definitely believe by the next volume, we will have plenty to talk about and be fascinated about this series.

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