Monday, November 30, 2015

Star Wars, Vol. 2: Showdown on the Smuggler's Moon by Jason Aaron

Rating: ★ 

Disclaimer: I read the individual comics.

When I first read the Star Wars comics I was excited because it was the first time that I invested my time towards a particular franchise now that we have the new canon and for the most part it was a great series. I would say awesome but after reading this volume it raised the stakes higher and I believe it was the perfect set up for Vader Down crossover that I couldn't believe this was epic compare to Vader. Even though my online sources tells me that Issue #7 belongs to Vol. 1 supposedly they put it with Vol. 2 which makes it a wonderful grand introduction.

I love Obi-Wan Kenobi both the prequel and original trilogy versions and I believe issue #7 bring the gap between both worlds. Kenobi kept a journal about his life post Revenge of the Sith and left for Luke to read and discover about the Jedi Force and how to connect with it and Luke finally finds it in Ben's abandoned home in Tatooine. Luke has a fight scene with Boba Fett and was able to escape to safety and while he recuperates he reads this journal. We learn that it is very difficult for Kenobi to live in Tatooine because he was a Jedi Knight traveling to different galaxies bringing peace to the world.

Now Kenobi is in hiding unable to use the Force to avoid detection and to protect to Luke from being discovered. After all these wonderful missions and the sad ending of his friendship to Anakin how does he survive in the world full of misery with the Empire in control? I love this idea and concept and I hope they bring more Kenobi adventures in the future.

Luke Skywalker is trying to find himself because he is not a Jedi and the last Jedi to train him is now dead and while everyone needs him like Princess Leia and the rebels, he needs to take time off for himself and follow his destiny to be a Jedi. He remembers that there was a Jedi Temple in Coruscant and he wants to check out without being detected so he travels to Nar Shaddaa to seek travel to Coruscant.

Nar Shaddaa is a planet full of criminals, smuggler's, and everything corrupted in Hutt's space and sure enough Luke gets himself into trouble. He meets Grakkus Hutt who is a huge collector of Jedi antiques. Grakkus makes the connection that Luke is connected to the force and makes him use the force to open Holocrons that contain important Jedi information.

Now that Grakkus has Luke in custody, Grakkus makes him into a slave who have duel to the death which would be a huge sellout since he is technically the last Jedi left in this galaxy. While in training, he meets this slave who trains Luke to be a better fighter and we get to see this interesting bond because we haven't anyone in the original trilogy except Kenobi and Luke who can wield a lightsaber. 

While all that drama is going on, we meet back with Han Solo who apparently his wife Sana is tracking him and Leia is upset because if he has a wife then he must be playing with her feelings and he doesn't love her. They try to escape from an Empire Fleet thanks to Sana and gets information from R2-D2 about Luke and they head off to rescue him. I highly recommend this comic because there is a part in this volume that lives up to my dreams especially dealing with a particular someone holding a particular weapon. I have waited forever to finally witness this scene and I am glad that they finally included it in this comic because I was losing my patience about it.

The old canon aka Legends screwed me over when it comes to Lightsabers because I remember they did this whole thing that regular humans couldn't hold a lightsaber because if you are not force sensitive then when the lightsaber turns on it becomes dangerous and can kill you. I remember how George Lucas and countless others tried to make this point. Then I watch Clone Wars animated show and I've seen countless villains and humans who clearly are not force sensitive easily turn on a lightsaber and use it without any problems. Then in this volume there are many individuals that we get to see holding a lightsaber and I feel like that isn't true to the story or rather believable that they can wield a lightsaber.

In the end I love every aspect of this story from the illustrations to the plot and I cannot get enough of Star Wars. This volume enabled me to be distracted and forget about Force Awakens and simply enjoy Star Wars. I am enthusiastic and fully prepare to begin the next volume with Vader Down.

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