Monday, November 2, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 14: Rise of the Machines" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Dr. Gero has awaken Androids #17 & 18.

(II) Trunks who is the son of Vegeta and Bulma come from the future and help Goku in order to guarantee a better future.

(III) Goku caught a virus that is attacking his heart and now the gang has transported him to his home in order to retrieve the cure for him.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

If I have already mention this in my previous reviews then I apologize but I remember the androids vividly in the anime and I completely forgot about them when reading this manga. The whole storyline involving the androids and what comes later is a complete blur for me because I never watch Dragon Ball Z in chronological order and it is now that I am understanding the plot thanks to the mangas. The beginning of this volume leaves directly off where the last volume left us which is the gang arrives to Dr. Gero's lab but sadly they were too late as the androids are finally awaken.

Vegeta is being a stubborn a#@hole because he wants to be the greatest fighter in the galaxy and instead of running away from the scene, he confronts the androids and Dr. Gero. Sadly for Dr. Gero, he is immediately killed because he programmed androids #17 & 18 to have an infinite power source but the consequence is because of their programming they do not obey any orders which is deadly when it comes to Dr. Gero's life and the others. Since he is no longer in the picture, the androids discover that there is another android that hasn't been awaken called Android #16 who they freely wake him up and discover that he is robotic with the sole purpose of killing Goku.

Meanwhile all this drama is going on, Yamcha takes Goku back to his home and trying to find the cure. Everyone is in a panic and luckily they find it and give it to him. Now that the cure is working, Goku has slipped into a resting period that will take 10 days for him to be fully cured and active. As he is slowly getting better, the androids on the other hand have the mission to kill Goku. Vegeta goes into this intense fighting with Android 17 and clearly he is no match for her and luckily he doesn't die and the other members of the gang escape to move Goku before the androids arrive.

Piccolo makes the connection that the only way to beat the androids is if he becomes a super Namekian and the only way possible is if he morphs together with Kami-Sama which if they accomplish this then the Dragon Balls will no longer work anymore since Kami-Sama is not God anymore. Piccolo goes to meet with Kami-Sama and luckily he agrees that they need to be whole again but only as a last resort. Then out of nowhere Kami-Sama witness some creature that has never been seen before sadly for the audience we do not find out his proper identity until the next volume.

Trunks gets the info from Bulma telling him that in the middle of nowhere they have discovered his time travel machine but it looks as though it has been rusted away which is completely odd since Trunks only been the present (Trunks past) temporarily and decides to check it out. The evil creature has attacked this random city and has killed thousands of innocent civilians and the creepy part is that there is no bodies laying around instead just clothes. When Kami-Sama witness this act of evil, he immediately blends with Piccolo and heads off to the action is happening and discover that this creature is using his tail that looks like a needle to suck the living force out of people and that is how he getting stronger. The real action begins next volume so stayed until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

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