Monday, November 30, 2015

The Day the Crayons Came Home by Drew Daywalt


After reading the first book it which I absolutely loved it made me cautious to read the sequel because will it live up to my expectations and will it maintain the uniqueness that makes it special? While it is a completely different book I still love and enjoyed the story and believe it is worth the read!

After we reached a happily ever after with the crayons and Duncan, you might think what now? Did Duncan screw up and abuse the crayons again? The answer is yes and no. The crayons we met in the first book is fine but apparently Duncan has ignored the lesser known or used crayons.

One day he receives a bunch of letters again and discover that some of the crayons he's barely used in years have come to the surface and either A.) Want to leave him or B.) Wants him to take better care of these crayons. I believe since we've already been introduced to this classic story, it doesn't feel as special and captivating since this book is following the same formula as the first one. 

But I will admit that the ending is completely different from what you might expect and it goes to show you that the author doesn't want this book to be predictable and while it may be similar to the first one it is still original and will still captivate Children's and Adults.

The illustrations are marvelous as always and I hope they make a third book because I cannot get enough of the crayons and the humor of this series. Originally I was going to pick the new Dr. Seuss book for Best Picture Book for Goodreads Awards and because this was such a cute and funny story I voted for this book instead.

Would I recommend this book to you? My answer would be yes if you want more stories about these crayons. I applaud the author and illustrator for this fantastic book and I cannot wait to see more Crayon action!

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