Monday, November 2, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z, Vol. 15: The Terror of Cell" by Akira Toriyama


Previously on Dragon Ball Z

(I) Goku is technically in a coma as he is recuperating from a deadly virus.

(II) Trunks who is the son of Vegeta and Bulma come from the future and help Goku in order to guarantee a better future.

(III) Dr. Gero androids are awakening and tracking to kill Goku but a new evil lurks among on Earth and Piccolo has confronted this beast.

That is what you missed on Dragon Ball Z!

This volume had me conflicted because it had fantastic battle scenes and ton of kicking ass but Akira Toriyama ruined the whole aspect of time traveling for this series and because of this big reveal in the previous volume then it makes me wonder why did Trunks even bother going back into the future. I didn't mention this rant in the previous volume because it would be tedious but it wouldn't make an impact until this volume.

Trunks revealed that if you go to the past and change the events then no matter what happens the future that Trunks belongs will not be affected by this change of outcome. For example, in Trunks future the androids are still alive so he went to the past to warn Goku and help the gang. If they destroy the androids then the future is changed but when Trunks goes back to his present, the androids still exist. Personally if that is how the time machine works then why bother going to the future if nothing in your timeline is accomplish and you could possibly get killed. I do not like that at all. Back to the story...

Piccolo is fighting with this creature which we discover his name is Cell. Sadly we also learn that Cell is a creation of Dr. Gero which no one ever knew about because he was created underground by super computers. Dr. Gero was able to invent this mosquito type robots who took samples of Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, Freeza, and King Cold DNA and blend together so supposedly Cell is Piccolo's brother but Piccolo is no longer himself since he blended with Kami-Sama.

We learn that Cell comes from the future who killed Trunks in order to get into his ship and had to revert to the process of growing to revert to being a cell inside an egg. He didn't choose to come to the past but within 3 years he was able to grow and mature to his natural state and now he wants to be achieve his ultimate form. In order to achieve that he needs to absorb both androids #17-18 to be complete because Trunks destroyed them in the future. In the mean time Cell is gather his strength by absorbing people which he killed thousands already but if it continues and reaches almost millions then he will be deadly and powerful enough to kill the androids.

Piccolo witness this first hand and wasn't able to kill Cell as he escaped to get stronger. Trunks learns about this encounter and heads with Kuririn to Dr. Gero's lab to check and see where is Cell and to destroy him so that way the brand new future will not feature Cell. For the upcoming days leading to Goku being fully cured, Piccolo and the gang are trying to track and attack Cell but they fail overtime because once they arrived to the new city where Cell is absorbing people, he wipes the entire city clean and disappears before their arrival.

When Goku wakes up, he knows everything that is going on since he was able to detect chi while he was sleeping and overheard the conversations in Master Roshi's house. He overheard Vegeta's idea that he needs to surpass the Super Saiyan state in order to defeat Cell and the androids which Goku agrees. Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks decide to head to Kami-Sama's chambers because he has a room that distorts time from being inside a room for a whole year but for the outside world it has only been 24 hours since you've been inside that room.

By having that opportunity of time, Goku and the rest are able to train and hopefully Vegeta is lucky to attain Super Saiyan 2.0 before Cell kills off the androids. As the drama is going on, the androids arrive at Goku's place and discover that he disappeared and Android #16 gives the brilliant idea that Goku may be hiding in Master Roshi's Island and heads off in that direction and confronts the whole gang when they arrive.

Piccolo makes the connection that if he kills the androids then Cell will lose so they head off into a deadly battle and he completely forgot that Cell is able to detect Chi and immediately half-way into the battle, Cell makes the connection that it is the androids and heads to kill them. When he arrives, everyone starts to panic and try to runaway. Piccolo attempts to fight Cell in order for the androids to escape but is defeated instantly.

Android #16 takes charge of the scene and tries to give plenty of time for Androids #17 & 18 to escape but Android #17 is a complete idiot who is stubborn to take advice and flee. Android #16 obviously wasn't able to destroy Cell and Android #17 fell for Cell's trap and absorb him. Now Cell is one step closer to achieving his ultimate form and now time is in the essence for the gang and hopefully Goku and Vegeta are able to stop Cell in his tracks. The ending leaves us with Tenshinhan helping the androids escape before Cell is able to kill Android #18. We won't find out more until the next volume so stay tuned until next time on Dragon Ball Z...

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