Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Miss Nelson Is Back" (Miss Nelson #2) by Harry Allard

Rating: ★ 1/2

After reading Miss Nelson is Missing! I was extremely excited to get back into this classic children's story and I found it rather disappointing! I didn't hate the story but I felt meh during the entire time and the story was extremely short without much action compare to the original. Whenever books are meh to me it is very hard to rate it because it is definitely not 5 stars material and yet 3 stars to me means the book was whatever, boring, and leaning toward dislike. 

Miss Nelson in this story is going to get her tonsils out so she will be out for the week. You may think that this the same kids in the first book but based on the narration it is actually a year later because while the kids are having a conversation about the havoc they will create while Miss Nelson is gone, the older kids tell them that beware of Miss Viola Swamp because she is a witch and a horrific substitute teacher who will rain on their parade.

The kids are scared now for Miss Swamp but luckily come Monday, they find out that it is the principal who is in charge of the classroom. Immediately he is a pushover and easily to manipulate and some of the students decide to wear a mask and personate Miss Nelson so that way they can skip school and surprisingly they are successful. Unfortunately for them Miss Nelson saw them walking near her house and she decides to put fear into this children.

The next day Miss Viola Swamp walks in and scares the living daylights out of the kids. They regret their actions and she told them that she knows that disguise them as Miss Nelson and force them to never ever do that because Miss Viola Swamp has eyes everywhere.

The illustrations were exactly the same which wasn't a problem but I thought they were going to bring some characters back to solve who is Miss Viola Swamp and what happens when Miss Nelson disappear which didn't happen in the end. The dialogue was too predictable and even if I were a child I would have disliked it because I didn't feel the fun and passionate side towards the making of this book. I felt like they wrote this classic in order for the authors to make extra cash on being a bestseller.

For the most part I would say that pretend that this book never existed because the final book went back to the root of the story and provided the reasons why countless children and adults love Miss Nelson and Miss Viola Swamp.

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