Saturday, August 13, 2016

Madeline in London by Ludwig Bemelmans


This series could have been three books with interesting plots and lessons but in the end I felt as though the author ran out of ideas and put incoherent storylines that either are not believable or raise questions as to why the plot don't make sense. When it comes to the books versus other forms of media, I have to admit that Madeline is better as a television series than book.

Pepito is leaving Paris because his father as the Spanish Ambassador needs to relocate to London and every one is heart broken. It's natural for a child to be upset about leaving because essentially they are saying goodbye to the city they grew up and odds are they are never going to see their friends again and they know that sad but honest truth.

Pepito takes it to another level and basically suffers from anorexia. He doesn't eat for days and withering away so instead of sending your child to the hospital or taking him to a doctor or psychologist you just decide oh let's call his friends and let them fly to London to cheer him up.

Regardless of wealth, it what mind does that make it acceptable to let your child almost on the brink of death and not seek help? I know fiction is suppose to be unbelievable at times but I have this belief that if you are writing a fictional story in a realistic setting then you need to stay true to reality because no parent would act this way in real life. Plus what does that teach your children? If they don't eat and suffer health consequences they will either get their way or bring their friends to your new home? I don't think so...

Anyway, Madeline and the gang arrive to London and think of a gift to buy him which is a horse because who has plenty of cash in store to buy a horse as a gift and everything is perfect until the guards ring the bell and the horse goes off running with Madeline and Pepito. The horse is a retired royal guard for the Queen and that trumpet sound is a trigger for the horse so off they go all over London.

In the end Pepito couldn't keep the horse and it now resides with Madeline and the other girls. I was disappointed with this book and thought Ludwig Bemelmans could do better!

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