Friday, August 12, 2016

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson


My true feelings about the book: Meh.

What age is meant for this book? Toddlers.

This book was essentially full of fluff with great illustrations. The story deals with growing vegetables and fruits and sharing. We meet a rabbit who takes care of their vegetables and once they are fully grown and ripe then we see the rabbit harvest her food and sharing it with her friends and others.

While the message resonates that we should grow food and nourish the planet, we learn the lesson that people are rude sometimes and they may want to rob your vegetables or rather destroy them and if they don't learn how to ask and share then practically everything is destroyed because nothing was accomplished. 

There is no depth in this book for those who are not toddlers because it doesn't answer the questions that lurks in my mind in terms of how do you properly take care a vegetable or fruit from getting destroy from flies and other animals that may want to intrude in your garden. It's silly questions like those that really pull me out of the story and while there wasn't much plot I still found the illustrations to be superb!

The description of the book didn't suggest that it was meant for toddlers but I wish it would have been explicit with that fact because then I wouldn't have bother reading it.

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